Friday, Oct 18, 2019
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‘Faulty’ electronic bracelet turned in

Police reported yesterday that they received another alert from an ankle bracelet electronically monitoring a suspect on bail yesterday.

Police said the device turned out to be faulty.

According to information provided by Assistant Commissioner of Police Glenn Miller, officers at the Grove Police Station were alerted by the electronic monitoring center to a fault in one of the electronic monitoring devices attached to a suspect in their area.

Police said they contacted the individual wearing the ankle bracelet and asked him to come into the police station.”He turned himself in,”one officer said.

While at the Grove station, the suspect was outfitted with a replacement ankle bracelet and subsequently released, according to police.

Minister of National Security Tommy Turnquest revealed Sunday that police were recently alerted to a suspect on bail who was attempting to cut his electronic monitoring device away from his ankle.

Turnquest said when police received an alert from the ankle bracelet, they immediately apprehended the man.

While Turnquest did not know all of the details surrounding the incident, he said the man would most likely be taken back to court.

He added that the incident was a testament to the success of the electronic monitoring service’s capability and the capability of the police to respond to the calls.

Turnquest said the bracelet alerts police if an individual wearing it tries to remove it in any way, if they are in a restricted area, or if they allow the bracelet’s battery to run too low.

He insisted that the monitoring program has been largely successful thus far.

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