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Now, Roy Jones wants to fight Tank Williams

It was indicated in this space recently that the stock of Sherman”Tank”Williams has risen as a result of his very good outing against Evander Holyfield two Saturdays ago in West Virginia.

Williams, 34-11-2(draws)and one no-decision, said over the weekend that former multiple divisional champion Roy Jones is interested in fighting him if Holyfield finds some reason to not honor his statement about a rematch.

It’s a strange twist of fate. Going into the January 22 fight, it figured that Williams needed to at least look decent against Holyfield to earn respect. I had told him I felt he could do more than just perform in a respectable manner. I felt he could win, but I never thought a no-decision ruling on the part of referee Dave Johnson would have impacted Williams’career the way it has.

Sure, Jones is another old guy, 42, with his brilliant fights in the past. Nevertheless, old quality names have been bringing out the crowds for many years. The”Old Mongoose”Archie Moore’s birth year was given as 1913. In 1955 when he went up against Rocky Marciano and lost, he was 42. The next year, when Marciano retired, Moore was matched with a young Floyd Patterson for the vacant title and lost again. George Foreman was 45 in 1994 when he knocked out Michael Moorer to become world heavyweight champion a second time, exactly 20 years since he lost his initial crown to Muhammad Ali.

Jones is 42 indeed, but a match with Williams here in The Bahamas at Atlantis would be attractive. Jones has been champion of the world in the middleweight, super middleweight, light heavyweight and heavyweight divisions.

­At one time, he owned seven belts as the world light heavyweight champion. They were the World Boxing Council(WBC), World Boxing Association(WBA), International Boxing Federation(IBF), International Boxing Organization(IBO), North American Boxing Federation(NABF), World Boxing Federation(WBF)and International Boxing Association(IBA).

Jones was voted”Fighter of the Decade of the 1990s”by the Boxing Writers Association. His ring record is 54-7. He wants to fight Tank, possibly here.

Many in the boxing world would like a good enough reason to visit The Bahamas to enjoy the famed environment of Atlantis, in particular.

So, this is where Sherman”Tank”Williams is at in his career. There are a lot of heavyweights around the world today who envy Williams’overnight climb to being an opponent in demand.

Holyfield-Williams(Part II)would be fabulous for The Bahamas. Jones-Williams would be just as marketable for us. Any of those bouts would be a sports/tourism bonanza. It will be interesting to see how the Ministry of Tourism responds to the situation.

The Ministry of Tourism was surely on board during the build-up following the announcement for the first Holyfield-Williams date proposed for Detroit at the Joe Louis Arena. Several postponements and a change of venue resulted in the brightest spotlight that has ever been on Williams.

What is he saying?

“I’m just thankful to have been able to demonstrate my ability to the point whereby there is this interest now from people like Roy Jones. I’m happy also to be able to put The Bahamas in the limelight in a positive way. My showing against Holyfield was big for me but also for The Bahamas. I always make sure to let people know about The Bahamas. Millions heard the connection when I was interviewed after the Holyfield fight,”said Williams recently.

This is a shining moment for our Bahamian heavyweight pioneer elite. Hopefully the opportunity will be maximized to the fullest.


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