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PACBO donates equipment for High Rock Boxing Club

The district of High Rock in Grand Bahama will soon join the national boxing development program, thanks to assistance by the Pan American Caribbean Boxing Organization(PACBO).

Recently, PACBO International President Fred Sturrup donated boxing equipment to High Rock Member of Parliament to assist in the establishment of a youth club in the area.

The club will be organized and coordinated by Glenroy Cooper with administrative contributions from PACBO Northern Bahamas Regional Director Terry Goldsmith and PACBO representatives Rudy Meadows and Kevin Johnson.

“This effort by PACBO is consistent with the objectives as laid out for our organization when we formed it back in 2006 at a special meeting in the Dominican Republic,”said Sturrup.

“The idea is to assist the amateur boxing development programs in the member countries. Many quality young boxers fall through the cracks on their way to becoming adults. We want to help provide good options for the region’s youngsters through boxing. Already in this country, we have donated equipment to the Amateur Boxing Federation of the Bahamas, established a youth body(Yama Bahama Club)in Bimini and reached an understanding

with Goldsmith on a Northern Bahamas push. It is hoped that the High Rock Club under Cooper will move quickly towards vibrancy,”said Sturrup.

High Rock MP Kenneth Russell was impressed and appreciative.

“I am thankful to PACBO. This is a good opportunity for the young boys of the area to channel their energies into something meaningful. I appreciate the gesture and I’m sure Mr. Cooper will work well with the program. This is that time when the more quality opportunities our young get to develop positively, the better,”said Russell.

It is anticipated that the High Rock Club will participate in a Northern Bahamas Boxing Invitational scheduled for later this year.

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