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Union launches new healthcare plan for its members

The Bahamas Communications and Public Officers Union(BCPOU)yesterday sealed a deal with the operators of the National Workers Health Plan to offer healthcare services to its 635 members and their dependents.

BCPOU Vice President Mario Curry said with healthcare services and insurance premiums continuing to skyrocket, the union thought it fitting to join with the National Workers Health Plan in an effort to help decrease the cost of healthcare coverage for its members and their families totaling more than 2,000 persons.

“We are really truly excited and happy that we have partnered with these giants in the medical field. Just recently persons who have medical insurance, they would have received an average increase of about 30 to 35 percent in their medical premiums. We thought by partnering with the operators of the National Workers Health Plan, we could somehow keep the cost of medical insurance or premiums down, and it would still be affordable for all of our members and indeed the workers of The Bahamas,”Curry said yesterday at a press conference held at the BCPOU Hall on Farrington Road.

As a result of this collaboration, BCPOU’s medical plan will now be in a position to offer dental care, wellness, retirement care, prescription drugs, overseas care and clinical pastoral care to its membership.

The plan is open to all unions and workers generally.

Network providers include the Princess Margaret Hospital, the Rand Memorial Hospital in Grand Bahama, and the We Care/Walk-In Clinics at Sandy Port, Collins Avenue and Carmichael Road.

“In partnering with We Care and the National Workers Health Plan we have found a viable way where our members now are able to still have that quality type of health care. Persons tend to look at the union as only trying to get increased wages, but look around and see why we need the increased wages. Medical costs are going up and by preparing for it, we are already a step ahead of the game,”Curry said.

The healthcare plan is designed to give coverage from the cradle to the grave.

“Many plans in this country stop either at the age of 65 or 70 or ceases when your employment ceases. This plan is designed to continue until you take your last breath,”said Plan Trustee Frank Carter.

Medical Director for Walk-In Clinics Dr. DanielJohnson said the collaboration is an historic one.

“The Walk-in Clinics are what we call the leader in primary, urgent and ambulatory healthcare not only in The Bahamas, but we have set a model that is an example in the Caribbean and to the larger region itself. In these present economic times we all know that you have to seek means by which you can save on healthcare costs,”Johnson said.

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