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Agent of change: Miss Gospel Bahamas reflects on reign

It’s been a whirlwind ride for Miss Gospel Bahamas 2010-11 and there’s still six months left to her reign.

“August 1, 2010, is a day I’ll never forget,”said the pageant queen, Sylvian Rahming.”A dream became a reality.”

The third grade teacher beat out eight other contestants to walk away with the Miss Gospel Bahamas crown. She captured the costume competition as well as the top award for best evening gown and the Kathy and Gregory Butler”Above and Beyond Award.”She also placed second in the talent competition with a mime act a skill honed through her work with Ministers in Mime, a non-profit, Christian group.

“Being Miss Gospel Bahamas is a wonderful experience. It mentally, spiritually and physically enriches me,”Rahming said in a recent interview.

Midway through her reign, the goodwill ambassador works regularly with Great Commission Ministries International’s Save the Children Program. The teaching, training and motivation she provides to innercity children are a part of her platform to empower the nation’s youth.

Besides visiting numerous churches and schools, Rahming also got to attend star-studded gospel concerts and events, such as the prestigious Marlin Awards.

Fresh off trips from San Salvador and Turks and Caicos Islands, the MGB queen has come to realize that the youth in The Bahamas and abroad want positive role models.

“They are looking for someone they can follow and can aspire to become,”said Rahming, a member of Bahamas Christian Fellowship Center.

She recalled an address made during half time at a basketball tournament in San Salvador.

“As I walked onto the court, the crowd started cheering,’Go Miss Gospel Go!’Someone yelled,’We’re glad to know you are representing us,'”she remembered.

The love she received from the fired up spectators made her eager to share. The queen urged the young men in the audience to”dream big”and advised the ladies to not only set standards for themselves but also to discover their life’s purpose.

“I stressed the importance of taking all limits off. In the Kingdom of God there are no limits. We can do all things through Christ, who gives us strength,”said Rahming.”Many young ladies and young men lined up at the edge of the court to ask me how to be consistent and focused so their dreams could become a reality.”

The tournament wasn’t the only event where Miss Gospel Bahamas delivered a powerful message of hope. She also brought remarks at San Salvador’s primary and secondary schools. Another opportunity to speak came during a Sunday morning service at a local church.

“I made an altar call and every young person under the sound of my voice came up. I prayed for them. Using the authority Christ gave me I released them to dream, to fulfill purpose, to conquer and to become great,”said Rahming.”More than 40 youth made a conscious decision to give their lives to the Lord that day.”

Other opportunities for the 23-year-old to minister to others came during an”amazing,”trip to the Turks and Caicos Islands. Rahming was interviewed by local television and radio stations while there.

“I encouraged the people of Providenciales to support the Miss TCI Gospel Pageant. It was celebrating five successful years of providing young ladies an opportunity to be an agent of change,”said Rahming.

“On that trip a young man approached me and said,’Miss Gospel Bahamas you made me realize I can do it. Now I’m interested in being a Christian and fulfilling my purpose,'”the queen recalled.”That did it for me, knowing that a soul was touched and the Kingdom of God won another one.”

Whether reading a poem at a

Great Commission-sponsored luncheon for the country’s underprivileged or impacting young lives via online social networking sites, Rahming admits her life has changed”tremendously”since capturing the Miss Gospel Bahamas crown.

“Being Miss Gospel Bahamas has its perks but it’s a lot of work,”she said.”You definitely need to be ministry-minded to take on this role.”

Young women who think they have what it takes to be the next Miss Gospel Bahamas are invited to collect applications from the pageant’s founder, Great Commissions Ministries International on Wulff Road.

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