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PICS of McCartney, PM,

What was Branville McCartney thinking?

It was a question that no doubt crossed many minds in the political arena and elsewhere followingThe Nassau Guardian’sheadline”McCartney: PM has no compassion”.

McCartney made the statement last week Tuesday during an interview with Jeff Lloyd, host of Star 106.5 FM’s”Jeffrey”. Today, some are still questioning the ….political strategy that in this climate–if you want to succeed anyway–for the most part has depended largely on being a team player and working your way up through the ranks of the party, and if you’re lucky, then the government.

McCartney has become known for his apparent impatience. Or is it ambition?

Although McCartney’s family has deep roots in the FNM, he is political newcomer, McCartney was elected as the Member of Parliament for Bamboo Town in the 2007 general election, beating out the incumbent Tennyson Wells, who had held the seat for…and had broken off from the FNM following a dispute over the succession of the party’s leadership in 2002.

McCartney was immediately appointed to Ingraham’s Cabinet as a junior minister. First in the Ministry of Tourism, and then in the Ministry of Immigration.

Less than two years later, McCartney turned in his resignation to what must have been a somewhat stunned Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham.

In his resignation letter he said…..

Zhivargo Laing, who has been in politics since … is still not a substantive minister…and many were on the back bench for years before????

McCartney has had difficulty staying on message.

Since his resignation, McCartney has worked to keep his name in the headlines. He showed up at the union’s rally… and spoke to the press, he did something with the dump,

Only time will tell if McCartney’s political career will survive this latest gaffe. It probably will. Time has a way of …..

Ingraham broke away from the party but had the political experience and prowess and intellectual weight to carry him through his years as an independent

has depended largely on

There must be something about Bamboo Town

Talk to:

•Raynard Rigby

•George Smith(C A Christie)

•FNM political observer


•Look at Facebook page

Bran’s time in politics

News analysis,

What is his future


what is in his head where soes he see political landscape

if bran is listening to epople out there who may be claom for him to be leader of fnm

can tehy vote for him at convention, in not he ought to recogniw that its not meaningful support

if he has supp within the fnm he ought to figure out and think throu how his open cirti of the leader will factio into minds of his support

events over the past coul months

council decsion to suspened the fnm, if he had support you would not expect that move, was he present

when you are in cab you had a level of public persona assoc with position, when in back bench you have to cont redifine who you are polit to keep in teh headlines

showing up to uion rally a part of that, comments about leader was part of that..

the difficulty in party politics in bahamas-across parties-have to know how far to go with leadership

will give you room based on seniority, etc.. would give you enought room, but there is a time when critics should stp especially

politically, if he was int eh plp he would have been on the path ot self destrucy politically,

if he had remained in the cab cont to perofrm and perform well, show he was more politically savy, would have a good shot, or

may still be able to do that, baha show that they can be forgiving,

future looks dim today but that could change down the road

must demonstrate you can be a man of conviction, at times it may be necess to pub criticize party and leader, to demonstrate you understand your feelings, prepared to be an agent of change.

he’s a young man, has a lot more years in it.

if ingraham believes he has a good brain and has good value….would not be a fundamental issue. ingraham may cut him some slack just enough, no need to kill him politically.

have to be seen not be driven by ambition, cannot be so blinded by what you want to be that everything else becomes less important, if ego drives you..then people begin to see through it. not about love for country, it’s about you wanting to be’the man’…

bran has to figure out what he wants to do. be mindful that you win support in the party when you have support of the party…

you can be popular’

saw that in plp deputy race, obie was seen as more popular but brave beat him convicn because he had the support of the party.

Peculair about Bamboo Town. It is now Bamboon Town to move it off the map. Kennedy and PLP BJ NOttage and Kenyatta Gibson.

Seats since 87 general election those two seats have both parties have always held on……


a little off base, he went too far.



from a personal point of view very fond of him

statem reflects what he prob thinks. didn’t weigh them carefully in politics when you say somethign makes you appear to be bold and coraeg you may have to pay a price

got the impression that if the party doesn’t nomicate him would run indep that would put the seat in the hands of the PLP.

he would splity the vote

we all from time to time, in my political career, made some corage statements, but had the presence of mind to evaulate the consequences, face the daggers

doubt that he contemplated on it, and thought it out.

i know he is well intended’

politics is a difficult game, ing hs prven to be someone when crossed retaliates strongly, bran should expect

if the org is big enough, sometimes in the past we had the courage to nominate people who were interneal critics of sir lynd, demonstrate maturity and what the person says may help org to be mature

people expect that there are ind who will speak up and take the leader to task, that serves the party well.

mccartney obviously thinks he did well as junior minister of tourism, roudning up to illegal immigrants, giving out work permits to everyone et

what could defines you use work permits for baha employ, dept not in buysiness in making money

(what has he done)

(What were his defining momments.)

What is the issue that has driven him to make this move…

Rev Carlton Francis, differed with then govt that was fundamental issue-casino licnenis govt-that was a matter of deep consi

What is the issue that has driven McCartney to make this move..

No future in politics, if he had said it in a way that people could interep would have shown he had good political accument, by being so honest

clearly positions to where the org has to deal with him. if fnm nominates him, and if he has to apologize then he then is weakened.

if he doesn’t apolgoize wont get nominated

can’t count on any plp support

longetivity not on his side…has not been around long enought, he’s a new comer in an orga where it has strugg in wild

must have trene talent and personality which permits you to be effective, courtes, respectful,

has learning the game well enought and get people to say of him the many things he says of hiself

i am as wise as pindling…etc…

this is going to be an interesting next several months…will have electi in Nov, stadium done, baha mar start, airport, straw market, promise to spending money….

if bran moves to plp….would like to say we would welcome them

reality is mccartney value system is not in tune with core value in plp, deeply rooted in catholic social teaching…universal care is a fundamental right, i think he bel the prive are entitled to better schooling…

fnm is deeply

has to address the incumbent in exuma, shane gibson, distract people from issues-anna nicole in playhouse in london has the support of those who understand that of doing right and putting country before party

is it right for people to be diverted


has to be more issue driven, cannot afford to put on these sound and light shows, individual debates…



He has made his statements based on the state he’s going to have a very difficult time justifying staying within the orga and having that kind of view about his leaders, and expressin those opinions,

with me i decided if that is the method they would operate, i thought it ws improrper, decided I would not run with fnm,

at the time i didn’t make any statements re: ingraham,

upset with leadership process,

bran, as far as i know, up to 2001, i never knew mccartney assoc with party other than member, never held an office in teh party, not even a trustee

in his case he was in cab in 1.5 year and said he wanted to be leader, or subs

admirable to have ambi to go to top

there’s a road, a protocol

dion, tommy, in that role for many years, come up through the party..

thought he was trying to do a good job in immigration, made some errors, grandstanding, etc… but at least

support in the constinuency questionale

if he is able to control this particualr situation he may surviv

has to get a handle on public posturing

i don’t think the way he’s gone about it is the right way

can’t be making inconsistent, make contraditions.

his statements have been a mistake, he’s made a mistake…


McCartney, a newcomer to politics, has made no secret of his leadership aspirations. If the FNM had held a convention last year, he would have offered for the leadership.

But the party’s council voted unanimously to postpone the convention due to finciancial and other concerns.

Some might have said that McCartney should use that as a yard stick to measure his support in the party.

He understands the difference between public and party support:”As far as the suppor in the public, that only comes into effect if there is a convention and you are nominated and you are successful. That public support is only necessary.

Said in October, that Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham had already done what he had todo”and now we need new leadership to move the country forward”.

The prime minister obviously thought McCartney had promise. He was appointed Minister of State for Tourism, and Minister of State for Immigration.

His zealousness while State Minister for Immigration, while criticized by some as grandstanding, was well received by a public hungry for any glimmer of an emergence of a potential leader.