Friday, Nov 15, 2019
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Bail given to men accused of illegal gun possession

A magistrate yesterday gave bail to two men accused of illegal gun possession over the protests of prosecutors.

However, Wayne Rolle and Norman Griffin will remain in custody until the Supreme Court reviews the decision of Gun Court Magistrate Guillimina Archer to give the men bail pending trial.

Police allege that Rolle had a .25 pistol and Bain had a .45 pistol.

Assistant Superintendent Samuel McKinney, the head of the Police Prosecutions Department, asked Archer to exercise her discretion to refuse bail. He pointed out that the men will have a speedy trial as the case is set to begin next Tuesday.

None of the men have any previous gun possession convictions, nor do they have any pending gun possession cases.

The goal of the Gun Court is to deal with firearm cases quickly.

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