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Police display items from Lyford Cay break-ins

Police yesterday laid out the items recovered from a house in Redland Acres that they suspect were stolen from houses in Lyford Cay and other areas in western New Providence.

The items ranged from valuable laptop computers to a not-so-valuable citronella candle, used to keep mosquitoes away. Some of the items seemed so arbitrary that it was hard to believe the thieves wasted their time picking them up, such as a puzzle of the New York skyline.

However, Assistant Commissioner of Police Hulan Hanna said there is a market for stolen goods in New Providence and he warned that anyone purchasing those goods could be prosecuted.

“There is a ready and viable market for stolen goods and again we have to warn our people that if you buy these items, you are committing a criminal offense and you are complicit with the people who are breaking in and stealing them in the first place,” said Hanna. “Again we need to warn our people.”

Police said they arrested two people at the house where they found the items. The two individuals were a 21-year-old female and a 24-year-old male. And police said they are looking for two other individuals, whose identification they already have.

Police Superintendent Leon Bethell said the Central Detective Unit (CDU) is focused on breaking up burglary rings and putting an end to the problem of housebreaking and shopbreaking.

“This is a continuation of our mandate this year to really go after and do something about the break-ins which were happening throughout New Providence,” Bethell said.

“The uniform divisions have been doing an excellent job of addressing the vexing problem of house and shop break-ins and just a week ago you saw a number of break-ins solved in the southwestern district.”

He added that the police are also focused on shutting down drug houses this year that might be connected to the string of robberies.

“We are going to bring relief to our citizens,” Bethell said.

Police Superintendent Elaine Sands, whose division led the raid on the house in Redland Acres, said many of the individuals involved in break-ins are repeat offenders.

Bethell added that many individuals who serve time in prison for theft often come out and recruit boys as old as 14 and 15 to break into houses.

“In their midst would be someone in their 30s and 40s who act as consultants in these break-ins,” he said.

Sands said the items taken from the suspects’ house were worth thousands of dollars. Among the items was also a shotgun with ammunition, a lot of silverware and at least two rare coin collections.

Police are asking anyone who might have had a break-in in western New Providence to come to the Cable Beach police station to identify the items.

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