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Valentine sailing at Montagu!

Alate night meeting is set for tonight to finalize the plans for the 24th Annual St. Valentine’s Day Massacre, set for this coming weekend at Montagu Bay.

According to organizer Eleazor’Barber J’Johnson, everything is pointing in the right direction as regatta committee members gear up for what is expected to be the grandest sailing extravaganza in the history of the event. About 10 C-class sloops are expected to take part in the C-class races on Saturday, and so far, seven A-class sloops have confirmed attendance for the popular’Catch Me If You Can’race on Sunday.

Johnson is dubbing the popular race on Sunday, as’Super Bowl 24′, with this being the 24th running of the event. His Lady Nathalie leads the overall series, 13-10.

“This year, in particular, I feel very good because of what the Nathalie did at the All-for-One Regatta. That right there could tell you that Nathalie is in tip top shape. She won all three races at the All-for-One,”said boat owner Johnson.”I think that it is very possible that she could set a record on Sunday. I looking to beat all of them by at least 20 minutes.”

In the featured’Catch Me If You Can’race, the Lady Nathalie is given a 15-minute head-start over the bigger and faster A-class sloops on a 10-minute course. Johnson said his prized B-class possession has every intention of coming out on top again. The sloop, which won all three B-class races at the All-for-One Regatta two weekends ago, hasn’t been passed since 2006.

“I’m like Muhammad Ali. When the bell rings, I go in the ring and start boxing. The Lady Nathalie is coming out swinging so they are going to have to bring their’A’games if they want to beat me,”said Johnson.”I going for three straight. If the wind blows hard, I will be hard to catch. If the wind blows light, I will be impossible to catch so it’s a no-win situation for them. Their hands will be full. Nathalie coming out there to perform, and if they blink, she gone,”he added.

Cassius Moss’newly renovated Running Wave, the Southern Cross, the Lucayan Lady, the Good News, the Red Stripe and the New Courageous are just some of the A-class sloops which are expected to pursue the Lady Nathalie on Sunday. Once again, veteran sailor Clyde Rolle will be at the tiller for the Lady Nathalie. He has been the skipper for the past 15 years. Johnson also said that about 15 optimist sloops, featuring some of the finest young sailors in the country, are expected to take part in the regatta. Optimist sailing is set to take place Saturday morning beginning at 10:00 a.m., and will be immediately followed by the C-class races, weather permitting. The optimist races will be organized by Jimmie Lowe.

As for the prize money,$2,000 is up for grabs in the A-class, and an impressive purse exists for the C-class sloops. Johnson also said that a number of gift certificates from various businesses and restaurants will be presented as prizes.

About 45,000 people are expected to grace the shores of Montagu Bay for the popular regatta this weekend. This year, the regatta will be held in honor of the country’s late prime minister, Sir Lynden Oscar Pindling. Johnson said that he would like to thank Lady Pindling and her children for allowing the organizing committee to honor Sir Lynden, and all of the people and businesses who have supported him over the years, such as Gardiner’s Super Market, Jiffy Cleaners, Frank Hanna Plumbing, Wallace Auto Parts, Butler and Sands(Campari), Sir Durward Knowles, the media, and all of the boat owners and sailors.

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