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Three armed robbery cases discharged

A magistrate on Monday discharged three armed robbery cases because of the repeated failure of police to notify the alleged victims of court hearings.

In addition, Magistrate Derence Rolle-Davis could throw out two more cases against Ramon Davis and Brent McPhee if the alleged victims are not found by February 15.

Police arrested and charged the pair with 14 counts of armed robbery in April 2010. They alleged the men were responsible for a robbery spree that targeted women.

Magistrate Rolle-Davis noted that the alleged victims had not appeared for any of the hearings.

He said,”The non-appearance of witnesses is not a reflection on the prosecutor. It is a reflection on the process server and it is something that needs to be addressed.”

Magistrate Rolle-Davis discharged three cases and gave prosecuting Sergeant Godfrey Brennen a final chance to have the witnesses in court. He also discharged four armed robbery cases against the men last December because of witness no-shows, but prosecutors reinstated two of those charges two weeks later.

A discharge is not an acquittal and does not prevent further prosecution.

Roberto Reckley appeared for Davis and May Bain appeared for McPhee.

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