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from October 2009. specialie in vegetarian., speial juied.. alkaline dished..and


It wasnt hard at all, due to te recession u had one or two pp working with you just to make alil money.. one i had funds togetehr i ahd or tw pp ready to assits me.. s o i transition smothly.. No bank business. i didnt dela with bank interms of loans.. i had my capital and fwe bretherens hwo was masons , plumbers nad electricity adn they wrk out fo rme… if ecnonomy was diff at time i would have paid more in labour…only chall right now is getting produce at a good price. Now embarkig on a piece of my own farming…The produce is ltd nad the quality isnt up to par… WE dont relaly have more locally grown produce here i nFreprot..Everytign here in freeport is imported.

Growing prouce?

I will save a lot ofmonoey.. thousands a year…tens of thousands of dolalr on produce just if i were to produce themself myself.. And I also want to come Nassau. I’m form NAssau actuallt ..i want to tap itno pupouation. bc i know if can iget even 1 percent i owuld be alright. right now Freeport ..Freeport the popualtiosia laready small bc a lot of pp smoved from ehre bc of recesison then in that population u lookign t a smal leprcentage of vegetarians.


A lot of pp becoming more helath conscous.. we ahveing a global awakengin hen it comes to the food we consume.. evrybody trying to find alterantive food… but my customers. event hough tis is a rasta so to speak est my cstoemrs from all walks of life,, evrythign is love. they come for some good healthy food..

I thnk i underpriced my priced.. to draw pp and make it up on volume.. but faert asessing i noticed i underprices.. ut u can get a small mean for$5 .. hiwch is very inexpensive for vegeratrian evena poor man can come in and get som efood

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