Friday, Oct 18, 2019
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BTC to be center of excellence in Caribbean

The Bahamas Telecommunications Company(BTC)will be designated as a center of excellence in the Caribbean, with Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham indicating the company will have a larger role in regional communications following the purchase of a majority shareholding by Cable and Wireless Communications(CWC).

The blueprint that CWC has for BTC was outlined in CWC’s business plan, which will give the country more visibility in the sector regionally.

“CWC plans for BTC to be one of three hubs in the region alongside Barbados and Jamaica, as well as a center of excellence in areas where BTC can provide services to other parts of the LIME group,”Ingraham said.”These include a high value consumer call center, and certain network and technical areas where BTC has some particular strength.”

Ingraham’s comments were made in the House of Assembly on Tuesday, when the memorandum of understanding(MOU)related to the sale of 51 percent of BTC was tabled. The shareholder and share purchase agreement was signed hours before the MOU was tabled in the House.

“We are committed to making this country an international business center of choice, committed to giving Bahamians access to the latest and best technologies available in telecommunications and committed to opening this economy for the further participation of progressive, innovative Bahamian entrepreneurs,”the prime minister said.

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