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Ferguson performs well at All-American tourney

A Bahamian native born in New Providence, Byron Ferguson Jr., attended the Pre-Season Under Armor All-American Tournament in early January at the Diamondbacks training facility in Arizona.

The tournament was an event in which the top players from around the country were invited to compete in not only running but fielding, pitching and hitting. Currently attending Trinity Christian Academy in Lake Worth, Florida, young Ferguson has a bright future in the baseball world as he continues to grow under Miguel Cuello, Head Coach of Trinity’s Baseball Team.

While at the All-American tournament in January, Ferguson was ranked in Class 2A. Class 2A is termed as an automatic Division I pick. Ferguson also placed against others in the 60-yard dash. In baseball, this is the measurement run that colleges and minor/major league teams use as a guideline for speed in the players. Players run against others in a straight 60-yard run and are timed. Ferguson ranked in the top 10 runners with a time of 6.75 seconds. That time placed him sixth overall-a great individual accomplishment for him. Ferguson Jr. has enjoyed a career of running and competing in track and field while attending St. Augustine’s College(SAC)in New Providence, and this is one of the reasons for his quickness.

Ferguson is one of many players from the Junior Baseball League of Nassau(JBLN)attending school abroad in the United States. He is one of three Bahamians at Trinity Christian Academy, as he is joined by Byron Murray Jr. and Anthony Russell. This group of guys begin playing regular season games next month. As the JBLN grows and develops the players home in New Providence, they encourage and support the players abroad as they pave the way for the upcoming baseball generation. Many of the players in the United States begin play in the coming weeks and the JBLN wishes them all the best in both academics and baseball.

The public is asked to also visit JBLN’s facebook page and website to receive daily and weekly updates on scores, game information and updates on players here in The Bahamas and abroad.

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