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Lawyer suggests break-ins at govt buildings were inside jobs

A defense lawyer on Tuesday suggested that successful break-ins at two government buildings were inside jobs.

Thieves broke into the Department of Immigration and the Road Traffic Department last year. Although those buildings have monitored alarm systems, the break-ins were not discovered until staff arrived at the offices, the court heard.

Wayne Toussaint, Sergio Williams and Julian Evans are on trial for those break-ins.

Director of Immigration Jack Thompson told the court that he did not notice anything unusual when he went to the Hawkins Hill office at 10 a.m. on August 2, a public holiday, to catch up on work. Thompson said he left the office at 6 p.m. and set its alarm.

The following morning, Thompson said he found the accounts area and data processing center ransacked. He added that culprits took computers used for the department’s electronic identification system and$6,100.

According to him, an electronic identification system was introduced in the department to minimize the fraudulent reproduction of permits.

Attorney Geoffrey Farquharson, who appears for all three defendants, suggested that the thieves appeared to be”knowledgeable about the premises”and were”looking for specific things.”

Thompson replied,”That’s not for me to say. I have my own views on that matter, but I’m not here to speculate.”

Thompson said that gaps in the security system were recognized and fixed following the break-in. Farquharson asked Donald Clarke, the deputy director of immigration, if the theft was determined to be an inside job following a review of the security system.

Clarke replied,”I don’t know where that evidence came from or who would have said that.”

Bradley Smith, the assistant controller at the Road Traffic Department, said he learned of a break-in at the department’s West Bay Street satellite office on July 10. Smith said he called police on his way to the office.

In response to a question from Farquharson, Smith said a security company was contracted to secure the building. He said police did not seem to be aware of the break-in before his call. Thieves stole$1,500 from the office, the court heard.

The case continues before Magistrate Derence Rolle-Davis on February 28. Sergeant Godfrey Brennen is the prosecutor.

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