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Sauce tastes rich, but doesn’t cost you your diet

A meal that is at once romantic and virtuous–could there be a more perfect Valentine’s Day dinner?

These filet mignon with pomegranate-burgundy sauce certainly make a delicious case for it.

Making it happen actually is quite easy. Start with the right cut of beef. The tenderloin that filet mignon is cut from is on the leaner side, with about 7 grams of fat per 4-ounce portion. That’s not a bad start, especially since a bit of fat will add lots of flavor.

When preparing velvety, rich sauces, most recipes call for starting with a generous dollop of butter. Our recipe

does away with that, instead starting with tangy pomegranate juice and dry red wine. But the real secret here is using some veal demi-glace to add flavor, body and texture.

A good meat stock(which is the key ingredient in demi-glace)is made by roasting the bones, then simmering them for a long time with aromatic vegetables. At some point the solids are stained out and the liquid is reduced until it has intense flavor and the gelatin from the bones has given it a smooth, almost viscous texture.

It’s the rich flavor and velvety texture of this kind of stock that can give a sauce a luxurious, glossy feel, without the need to lard it with butter.

Best of all, you don’t need to bother with all that roasting and simmering. Excellent prepared demi-glace products are available at many grocers.

Companies such as More Than Gourmet make super-concentrated stocks and demi-glace(as well as fish and chicken stocks). Look for them near other bouillon bases and soups at your market. The product itself is reduced to a thick paste, which can be added directly to a sauce to give it that restaurant-quality flavor and finish, or diluted into a more typical stock.

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