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Use me’til you’ve used me up

Recently, I watched a Barbara Walter’s Special titled’Oprah….25 Years’. On the show, Barbara conducted a really’in-depth’interview with talk show host Oprah Winfrey. At the end of the riveting interview where Barbara Walters asked very probing questions, which I must say Oprah answered in depth and with Total Honesty; she asked Oprah what she wanted to do in the future. To me Oprah’s answer was a’Real Gem’, she said, that she just wanted to be used by God to do good. Then she revealed, that in her prayers to God every day she simply says’use me’til you’ve, used me up’. Wow!What a really fantastic attitude to have toward life.

Having heard that wonderful line from Oprah, I immediately added that most meaningful prayer into my daily ritual of speaking to The God of my being throughout the day and night, as part of my spiritual regimen. But My Friend, it’s not enough to just mouth these words because you think they sound good, you must mean what you say when you pray to God.

If you’re a regular reader to these articles, you’ve observed me stating repeatedly, that the true purpose of life is A. to discover who we are’A Child of God’. B. To discover and fully develop our God-given talents. And C. having developed our unique, individual talents, then give them away to others. Yes indeed, life in its purest, spiritual sense, is quite definitely all about GIVING, about SERVING others, our brothers and sisters in God’s ONE Universal Family.

Please My Friend, will you endeavor to get this’Philosophy of Service’deeply etched in your consciousness, which will ensure that you spend your very limited time on planet earth during this incarnation, using your many talents which God gave you, consistently to enhance the lives of others?Let your daily prayer to God be’Use me’til you’ve used me up’, and then simply listen to your Spiritual Father, God for detailed instructions on your next Divine Assignment

Then, once God gives you your instructions, you simply MUST obey them, by doing what you’ve been instructed to do from’On High’. If you consistently do this, I guarantee that your life will indeed be most meaningful, and very successful. Let’s all stop focusing in our spiritual blindness, on what we can GET out of life, and instead concentrate on what we can GIVE to society and its people. Believe me, if you do this and follow God’s instructions, you’ll be immensely successful….I guarantee it!



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