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Very serously. we beleive its somethign that could have great imptance.. in begin we were under impression that there was poss that it wold be mandatory requirement for provate airfcaft goign into the uS… we undertsnad that no longer the case.. bc no loner the case.the opp we orig thought was there is not as high as we used ot belevie.. but matter stil lbeign discussed , still beign worked out and uite otpmistic it would stil lpresnet a sign opportunity for The Bahamas.


I think th benefits are quiet significant. in those cases you get pre-and post traffic. pp who will ariive earlya dn pp wholl get off ship and stay few days later. so u get an increased amnt of stopever business as as result of homeporting cruise ships.. thats why that aspect hsa been alwasy quite attractive. CONFIRM those conversations are conintueis,,,the answer is a an unequivocal yes.


No we ahveent. Baha highc sot dest.. issue is to have ti at compeitive price..w here we offer most is in Canda adn andworkng with specifici operator in canda to work eg eti at right price and right content adn rite offer in orde tot make it attratc..wheenevr we preent it terrific idea. price it its and expensive propoasiiton.

One reason pp buy all inclusice in advance is to know what my total cost is in advance for all my vactions. one fothose thigns is very imt for u to know.. Bah i eiht the higehrst or one of highest int erms of what visitors pay per day for their vacation.

Excess is …esale and cabel wiresl……..eext to 1.2 bn….excuse beign leiemant by excellliquidty…can thelp prime rate by 1 percent…waut to see FDI..raterh tthan borrowing.

Unemployment in The Bhaamas…let stsrat when alast survery was done.. the prob is eerybday des sound bites… in Oct 200..the dept of stas id survey in Bah with GB nad NP an rendered that unemeployed wil be 18.2 percent…wth NP being 14.6 percent..att hats imt it woul dbe 15 poerecnt…if u take disocuraged workers of 9k would carry numebr to about 18.2 percen unemplyed in Bha.

Direct unemeployemtn with 26 m..discoura 9m.. 8k pp working aprt time.. and kids leaving chool , which have not evene be factored

unemployement continued to escasate in 2010..after govt asutere escalated to wher thos enummber no doubt increased… in 2010 was when PM did not do unemplyement surveyr.. btu i fu add on hta happened in 2010 an 2009.. itt is my estimate unemployement rate inc to 21-22 precent from 18 percent. in 2010 its safe to assume uneplumen peak to 21 percent national..crete 50k pp disocurgaed workers and directly unemepled pp..the number would ahve been over 40k… in 2009..compared to 50k in 2010….we have more anecdota adn impercial evidence basedon last survey.. basedon US is 17 percent unemeppyed..adnw e’re normally about 5 percent over them….and then

did not inclcude school leavers.

When u take into consider aiton thos enumebr s moving into 2011..i make the assessment that in orde ot bring the unemployment down to 10 percent we will ahvet o from this yea yhire on per annum..bring into job mkt 7500-10000k pp each year, for next three years to get to pre-recession level .. about 30k to get to pre-receesion lvel.. we lost over 20k jobs in the recession..we had new entrantson the mkat pp coming for job and there wa sno work.. imperical and anecdotal information.

PM couldnt find 100k to do survey for somethign as importnat as that.. talking abotut hey had ot do census ..there is an element of human sufereing in that…he knew number was too high…in central bank report for 2010 ther hsould be no unemepltae rate there..other than n/a bc there w asnone.. if they put somethgi nit shoul dbe 22 or nothign at all.

lost over 20,000 jobs in recession…where pp were already working… kids graduatiing from college… leavign high chool.

Natl inusrnac elaim..tha NIB was est by aval for tat kind of purpose..the moneyt hey drew ou tof that was designed for this and times of


4500 during construcitona dn adlil7500 post construciton

Weve alawyas articulated impact on abhamains economy.. talkwd about project on D p as well income per capita goign fwd.and positiv eimpact on tax ev or govt.

we alerady annoucne d4 brands..w elved nanoucned Hyatt for ocnveitnion. rosewood for luxury.. Morgan for lifestyl and Jack Noicholas for guling partner….6 months post sigsing we annoucn dcasino partner.


Hvaing impact from day we signe dagreememtns… regefer govt tlaked about cash injection rceived almost immediately.. worki n prgres already generatign cos eto 40 t50 emplyees this week and anumber of indep truckera n we begint o do the propoertiry work forth e reoirting of west bay stt. corridor 7.


Its trmendous bc once bahamains wokin onr any wone wking the multiplier effetc is huge bc everyoen beenfit with more money in pool to mdo mroe thigns with sdisposabel inceom.. the spinoff is great.


The officials star of the project….construciton tared and poject due to be over by winter season 2014….

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