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Bahamas vs. Cayman

Amateur Boxing Association of The Bahamas(ABA)President Wellington Miller encourages all amateur boxers in the country to take advantage of the relationship forged between the association and the Cayman Islands Amateur Boxing Federation(CIABF). Miller believes that it is a benefical one which will help all boxers in the program to grow.

A team of boxers left for the Cayman Islands today to compete in a friendly tournament. This, said Miller, is just one of the many initiatives and steps taken by the association to improve the skills of local boxers. He said: ”We have a quality team of junior and some novice boxers that will be heading to the Cayman Islands to compete with some of their top boxers. We send boxers away for experience and to sharpen their skills. So even though they will be fighting boxers from the Cayman Islands they will still be getting the experience that they need. They will also learn what it is to fight in a different country, in the other man’s hometown.

“But the good thing about this whole thing is the relationship that we have with Cayman Islands. We intend to be competitive with them. They are building their program and we are building ours, so we are using this opportunity to groom our junior boxers so that they can one day fill the slate of the more senior boxers, who will be looking to join the professional ranks. We lost a lot of our boxers after the Olympics. All of our senior boxers they decided to turn pro, so we are now grooming the younger ones to take their place.”

Miller said that the relationship with The Bahamas and the Cayman Islands was established long ago. He said that both programs have benefited from the friendly tournaments in the past.

The former boxer, who also serves as President of the Bahamas Olympic Committee (BOC), revealed that boxers from the Cayman Islands will train in The Bahamas before heading to the Pan Am Games later this year.

“We have been working with the Cayman Islands regularly,” said Miller.”Last year we went there three times and they were here at least twice. Now we have set up this understanding between us that we will try and build up each other. They know of the success of our senior amateur boxers. They now want to come here and have their boxers train here for about two or three weeks before they go off to the Pan Am trials. That is a good thing, so we will spar and have workout sessions with them. We are here and willing to accommodate them.

“So yes, the relationship is very beneficial and our junior boxers have grown very well from it. The trips to Cayman and the tournaments has helped them advanced. They now have some kind of experience. So it adds to the boxing skills that they pick up here at the shows held every other week or weekends between all of the clubs in New Providence. The good thing about it is it shows the expansion as well.”

The team will be coached by Harold Seymour from Inagua and Nathan Davis from Grand Bahama.

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