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Police were downtown in force yesterday, at least 30 strong in Rawson Square, though all was quiet except for some ten National Development Party(NDP)members who carried on the protests against the government’s sale of a 51 percent stake in the Bahamas Telecommunications Company(BTC)to Cable and Wireless Communications(CWC).

The NDP was carrying on what the Bahamas Communications and Public Officers Union(BCPOU)and Bahamas Communications and Public Managers Union(BCPMU)began late last year, after the government revealed that it would sell BTC to CWC.

However, only NDP members engaged in the protest yesterday, carrying placards and shouting their message against the sale and for Bahamianization, through a bullhorn.

After stopping at Rawson Square., the NDP in five cars escorted by police drove around the island slowing only to spread their message against CWC to people on the street.

NDP candidate, Ethric Bowe, said the group would drive to the airport and circle it ten times and then end their motorcade where it began at the Independence shopping plaza.

Bowe told the Nassau Guardian yesterday that the group believes it was unconstitutional of the government to deny Bahamians the right to purchase BTC before the offer went out to CWC.

He said while BTC is not the only issue on the NDP’s agenda it is thus far one of the most prominent ones.

“We’re are determined not to be inferior in our own country,”Bowe said.”There are many issues right now that speak to that, but BTC is the straw that’s breaking the camel’s back.”

He added that the NDP fully supports the BCPOU and the BCPMU in their fight against CWC. And he also supports the comments made by BCPOU president Bernard Evans that called for the Bahamas to be turned into a”Small Egypt”if the deal to sell 51 percent of BTC to CWC goes through.

“I support their comments,”said Bowe.

“I don’t think they were talking about bloodshed, they were talking about people power.

“People standing up. The Bahamas right now is ruled by fear and everybody is afraid of Huber Ingraham.”

The unions themselves have vowed not to back down in the fight against CWC.

Their members made an unimpressive showing in Rawson Square Tuesday as Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham tabled the Memorandum of Understanding in the House of Assembly, outlining the deal with CWC.

However, Evans suggested that the other unions remain behind the BCPOU and BCPMU and are prepared for industrial action if it is needed.

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