Tuesday, Feb 25, 2020
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BEWU elections null

The recently held Bahamas Electrical Workers Union(BEWU)election has been deemed null and void by the Labour Department.

It is understood that a high-ranking security officer, who nominated and vied for a top post within the union is responsible for the outcome, as his actions went against the union’s constitution.

The Labour Department’s ruling means that the near 800 membership of the BEWU will head back to the polls to elect a new leadership slate.

In a letter dated February 9, addressed to BEWU Secretary General Stephano Greene, the Labour Department laid out the grounds for its decision.

The letter stated that Dexter Cartwright, security supervisor, was nominated and ran for the post of Secretary General contrary to the provisions of the union’s constitution as amended 4th October 2002 and registered 18th January 2005. That amendment states:”Any member may run for office that has never served a sentenced of imprisonment, but no member may run or hold office in contravention of any legal contract or agreement that the union has with any other party.”

The Labour Department stated that because the secretary-general’s position is the central issue, the Registrar cannot certify the other positions, as the provision of section 20 of the Act does not permit the Registrar to certify a portion of the ballot. As a result, all positions in the election are in law one ballot and the Registrar must therefore reject the entire ballot.

Now, because the former executives remain in place, the business of the union has not been hampered by the department’s decision.

The Nassau Guardian understands that Samuel Glover will continue to hold the presidential post until a new election date has been set.

In an interview yesterdy, Greene said before elections could be held the current executive board and union membership must be appraised of the latest development.

“I am hoping that by the end of next month this whole process could be done away with and completed,”Greene said. 

“We will take advise directly from the Registrar of Trade Unions on the way forward. Hopefully, by the end of this month we will have nominations and we will have elections by the end of next month,”Greene said.

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