Tuesday, Aug 4, 2020
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Suspected suicide shocks members of victim’s family

Family members of alleged suicide victim Craig Sweeting say they have no idea what could have prompted the 26-year-old to put a gun to his head and take his life.

Sharon Coakley, Sweeting’s stepmother, told The Nassau Guardianat the scene of the alleged suicide on Lightbourne Street in Yellow Elder Gardens, that the family does not know if they will ever figure out what drove him over the edge.

She said the last time she spoke to him, which was just minutes before his death, he seemed happy and even shared a few jokes with her.

According to preliminary police reports, Sweeting was found dead around 6:18 p.m. at the rear of a house on Lightbourne Street.

“It is reported that the victim was seen walking at the rear of the residence, prior to the shooting, “ Police press Liaison Officer Chrislyn Skippings reported.”EMS responded and pronounced the victim dead. Police were able to recover a handgun with ammunition from the scene.”

“It’s a hard pill [to swallow], “Coakley said.”Death is something you really can’t accept especially in this way with this sort of person who is healthy and strong. I don’t know what happened. I talked to him today. Just a mother and son talk and we were laughing.”

Sweeting’s sister’s was also on the scene of the alleged suicide yesterday, and mourned loudly for her dead brother.

Coakley said Sweeting walked out of her house about five minutes before his death.

“Right before he left he gave his niece a radio and told her he was coming right back. And I was sitting at the table and a female came in and said Craig just shot himself. She said he just killed himself and if I could tell you who the female was I’d be lying. I don’t know who she is. I immediately came running. This is very hard,” Coakley said.

She described Sweeting as a kind, loving, soft-spoken person.

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