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Potcakes still sniffing for a win

Captain Jordan Isaacs and members of the Potcakes team is not letting the defeats in the Bahamas Rugby Football Union(RBFU)stop them from playing. And even though they have yet to win a game, the team which is referred to as the’new kids on the block’is still pushing on.

On Saturday, the two time defending champions the Cuckoos handed the young squad their fifth loss, a 55-5 thrashing. Despite the score, Isaacs believes that his team played well and saw improvements on every try.

He said: ”Except for a couple of players, everyone is basically new to the game and to the team. We played a good game even though our more experience players were not here. We only had 12 players come out today and it is a 15’s game so that was not a good sign. But at the same time we played very well if you don’t factor all of those things in the mix.

It is a learning experience for us this year. Most of our players are inexperience so whenever we get the opportunity to play, it is a blessing for us. Every game played gives us a chance to improve on our game and teaches the other members. So it is going good so far. There has been tremendous improvements. If you’ve seen our first game when we played the Buccaneers you would say that we have developed leaps and bounds.”

The first time the Potcakes took to the field against Baillou they fell 62-0. Their best showing was against Cuckoos, a game in which they scored 12 points to their opponents’20. So far on the season, the Potcakes have had two shutout games, one against the Buccaneers and an earlier one with Baillou. However, in the second match with Baillou, the Potcakes scored five points.

“Ignoring the fact that they beat us 55-5 in terms of certain plays, I think that we are doing very well,”said Isaacs.”Improvement comes every game. We might not win a game this season but we definitely will be in the mix next.”

According to the standings, released on Monday past, Baillou leads the Nassau Cup with a perfect win/loss record of 5-0. The Cuckoos are a game behind and has a win/loss record of 4-0. Buccaneers have won one game while the Potcakes are still scratching for thier first win.

In the Bahamas Cup, Baillou were 2-0 on the season while Cuckoos have secured one win, a draw and one loss. Both Freeport and the Buccaneers are two games in the hole with one win. Freeport also played a draw game.

Cuckoos’captain Charles Smith said he and his teammates are not worried about the standings, but knows that they will have to maintain their unbeaten record if they want to go through the finals in a good position.

He said: ”It was a bit scrappy. We played with about 12 guys when it was suppose to be 15, but we managed to put together a good solid team and came through unscathed. Most definitely, there has been improvements. To win 55-5 with just 12 guys, it is pretty massive. We are definitely sitting in a good position right now. We won both cups last year and the previous year so we are going for a three-peat.”

The Cuckoos will play Baillou next in one of the games in the Bahamas Cup. The Potcakes will take to the field against the Buccaneers on Saturday.

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