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‘Tank’ Williams is special guest at stadium tonight

Tonight at the Pan American Caribbean Boxing Organization’s (PACBO) Valentine Show at the Nassau Stadium, Sherman “Tank” Williams will the special guest.

He will be making his first official appearance since his image-enhancing showing against former multiple world champion Evander Holyfield last month. There has been constant communication between Williams’ camp and the World Boxing Federation (WBF) over the title that was up for grabs when Williams met Holyfield on January 22.

Referee Dave Johnson stopped the bout after three rounds and ruled it a no-contest. However, Williams was ahead on every scorecard. In the minds of many observers he was the much clearer leader in the fight, than the 29-28 scoring indicated. Williams actually controlled Holyfield for the full three rounds and almost put him down in the third.

There is the possibility that the WBF will document a decision in favor of Williams.

Hopefully, when Williams speaks to his fans tonight he will be able to tell them he has been officially declared the WBF champion. If not, however, he is to be congratulated for putting up a very special effort against Holyfield.

It was the first time I’ve seen Holyfield fight and appear so hopelessly outclassed in every round. It was clear from the outset that Williams was in charge.

Whatever happens in the future for Williams, January 22 was one of the great sports nights in the history of The Bahamas.

Tonight, PACBO will profile Williams and most definitely he will, by words and his presence, inspire the amateurs who will be featured on the show. It should be a great time tonight. There is also a pro bout scheduled between Dencil “Death” Miller and John “Beast” Wesley.

Fans will get an opportunity to hear from Williams on the current situation surrounding the Holyfield fight and his future plans.

Will there be a Holyfield-Williams II?

What about Roy Jones?  He has reportedly made contact, wanting to fight Williams. If any of those bouts can be arranged for The Bahamas, the impact would be very positive for sports/tourism.

Tonight, the nation will hear from Williams.

Williams has evolved as the most prominent Bahamian heavyweight boxer in local history. Although he has never fought for the heavyweight championship of The Bahamas, clearly he has been in a class by himself for much of a career that began in 1997.

When the Bahamas Boxing Commission announces its rankings for 2011, Williams will likely be listed as the declared champion.

Williams is a tremendous sports ambassador and a pillar of strength and guidance for other local fighters like Meacher Major who feed off his experience as they go forward in their own careers.

The “Tank” is in town.

He arrived on Friday with his wife, Kimberley.

He will be available to chat with fans at the Nassau Stadium tonight.

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