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Andrew Neubauer on corporate travel and tourism

Director of Sales and Marketing at Sheraton Resort Andrew Neubauer spoke withGuardian Businessyesterday about continuing to expand the corporate travel and tourism market for the company, and commented on the progress that has been made.

“From 2009-2010 we increased business travel to the property by over 30 percent. We are very proud of that, so we are just trying to weave into the thread of the business community here and I think we are doing a great job. We get positive responses from the business traveler. Sheraton has a lot of amenities for the business traveler.

“I think the renovated rooms give us a’one-up’in the market even though a lot of our guests are not here throughout the days, but it is a nice environment for them to come to when they have worked all day. We are talking about the auditors, the banking business and a lot of project work. So these are the areas we have targeted and I think it has been a great success.”

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