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JBLN product Pratt nominated for Primary Student of the Year

In many instances in this country, excellence in sports has led to a better education for many of our youngsters. In the case of Anfernee Pratt, it could be argued that it’s the other way around.

With a lot of hard work in the class and with help from his parents, Ancel and Yasmin Pratt, Anfernee has been nominated by his school, Garvin Tynes Primary, for Primary School Student of the year. The Junior Baseball League of Nassau (JBLN) product has duplicated that success on the baseball field. He is the second JBLN player to be nominated for this esteemed award.

Young Pratt joined the JBLN family in the beginners division, Tee Ball, at just five-years-old. Already, he has been a member of two championship teams. In Tee Ball, he played for the Tropical Shipping Cubs from 2006-2008, and in his last year in Tee Ball, his team won the championship.

Little League Baseball rules require all players to advance to the next division after two years. Entering the JBLN Draft in 2008, Pratt was selected early by the BECSO Construction Athletics and in his first year in the Coach Pitch Division, his team won the championship. He is disciplined, mannerly and hard-working with potential to play the game at a much higher level. He is now playing in the Minor League Division for the Green Parrot Mets, where boys and girls between the ages of 9-10 play (girls are allowed to play in this division up to the age of 12).

This division is very competitive, and players for the first time in their baseball lives, receive balls pitched by players on the opposing team. This new and exciting dimension of the game is the first stage of a player fully developing his or her baseball skills. In the league’s switch to Pony Baseball Rules this season in the 9-10 Division, players also learn the full scope of baseball, holding runners on as a pitcher and learning to take leads and steal bases as a runner. Pratt has made the adjustment to this new aspect of the game and is steadily improving his skills. He is one of those players selected as a pitcher on his new team, supporting his earlier coaches’ views that he displays potential to advance his skills at a much higher level in the game.

Pratt is committed to improving his skills in the game. He is regarded as a quick learner who welcomes challenges. Most importantly, Pratt is said to be mannerly and leads by example. He is expected to continue making a positive contribution to the league. As the league teaches and helps mature its players, it is hoped that many of the players will display these same attributes as they grow older and become role models for their younger brothers or sisters, and peers.

The JBLN continues to be one of the shining lights in youth baseball here in The Bahamas as it focuses on the players, not only on their game play on the field but with their endurance and will to succeed off the field. As more players come up through the league, the public’s support is needed in prayers for the players, that they will continue to strive for excellence on and off the baseball diamond.

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