Saturday, Nov 16, 2019
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Guardian Senior Reporter

The Bahamas Public Services Union yesterday expressed concern that the jobs of more than 25 reporters

The government has sent out tenders to bid for the privatization fo the court reporting services.

The memebrs of the court reporting unit of the judiciary system is concerned taht the government appears to be sending out tender for the bid of the court reporting services.

And those court reporters are actually civil servants and so they have this concern taht the unon is trying to verify this information.

The court reporting has about 25.

Threy are losing the security of their jobs. They don’t know exactly the fate of thier jobs and this is not a good thing for the govenrment to be maing this kind of consultion with teh union regarding those persons. ANd those are persons under our bargaining unit and it kind of saddens me that they would go as far as sending out tenders.

Archie Nairn I am not aware

According to Registrar of teh Supreme court Donna Newton

I am not aware it has gone out tender. I would have to confirm that. It has nto been brought to my attention taht it has gone out to tender

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