Tuesday, Feb 25, 2020
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Rollins, former NDP leader, joins PLP

The Progressive Liberal Party(PLP)confirmed yesterday that Dr. Andre Rollins, former leader of the National Democratic Party(NDP)and candidate in the Elizabeth by-election, has joined the Progressive Liberal Party.

“We welcome Dr. Rollins into our family as the PLP has always prided itself in having a big tent. Andre’s decision to join us is evidence that the policies and ideology of the PLP has broad-based appeal and offers the best hope and option for the progressive future development of the Bahamas,”the party said in a statement.

“Dr. Rollins represents a cadre of young, well-educated, aggressive, energetic, brave and idealistic Bahamians prepared to choose public service at tremendous personal sacrifice and inconvenience. This level of patriotism is laudable and a shining example to many young Bahamians who yearn for a better Bahamas.”

The PLP said Rollins has a bright future in the party”as he uses his knowledge, tenacity, vision and passion to build a better future for all Bahamians.”

In a statement, Rollins said,”It is still my belief that Bahamians want to see change in our nation’s politics because they realize the critical role that government must play in correcting the now regressive course of our national development.

“However, I am now convinced that most Bahamians are looking for that change to come from within one of the established political parties, rather than from an upstart group of political newcomers. Like them, I share their idealism concerning the imperfections of these parties, but appreciate the importance of pragmatism in strategically solving our national problems.”

He added,”This appreciation has led me to encourage the leadership of the National Development Party to discuss with the membership the viability of merging with the major party whose principles and philosophies most closely resemble the principles and philosophies espoused by the NDP, since this will provide the most realistic means of translating NDP ideas into national policies and programs that are crucial for significant future growth and development.

“It is my view that the Progressive Liberal Party is the only major political organization that meets this fundamental criterion. Just as I believe in our nation’s potential for greatness, despite our present shortcomings, I am also confident that notwithstanding the PLP’s imperfections, this groundbreaking party still possesses the capacity for change.”

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