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Bahamian author writes devotional book for men

Are men, generally, likely to be involved in the daily reading of devotional books?The scale might just tip on the negative side. Why?Is it that to lots of men, the typical daily devotional books are simply boring?

The answers to the above are varied and not straightforward.

A new’Bahamian’devotional book for men called”Devotions for Tender-Hearted Men”aims to reintroduce men to the joy of reading a devotional book, and from initial reports, it is doing just that.

According to author Dr. Albert S. Ferguson, J.P., to be read and enjoyed, a devotional book must be completely engaging, with attention-grabbing subjects, fully supported, of course, by the scriptures. Then there is the issue of attention span: lots of men who would not normally respond to daily devotional books are responding to this new devotional book for men, which allows them to read and study whenever they feel like doing so during the week.

“Devotions for Tender-Hearted Men”has weekly, theme-based devotionals and meditations. There is a theme for each of the 52 weeks in the year and there are a number of devotionals and meditations connected to each theme. Therefore, men are encouraged to think about(or to chew on)a particular theme during a particular week, and to do two or three readings on that theme anytime during that week.

The book is full of(popular and not-so-popular)Bahamian expressions, Bahamian examples, anecdotes, and examples with which the average Bahamian male can identify. This makes this 305-page devotional book most engaging. At the end of each devotion or meditation, there are passages of scripture which support the thoughts expressed, or the theme. The scriptures have life all by themselves. Then each devotional closes with a short prayer, on the theme, or subject. The ultimate goal is to help to fortify, motivate and inspire Bahamian men, thus moving them closer to their divine purposes.

“Men need all the encouragement they can get,”said Dr. Ferguson.”The society is full of male bashing and the constant demeaning of the masculine gender in general, because of the bad examples and poor life-choices of some men, especially a few men in leadership positions. Good men are constantly’getting the rap’for the behaviors of deviants, and behaviors which are alien to the high standards which they have set, and maintain for themselves. Nowadays, men-bashing is an integral part of the’liberationist persona’of multitudes of women, who come from all strata of the Bahamian society. Then, too often, because a man may often choose silence in the face of incessant and effusive’chatter’in his environments, he is greatly misunderstood as a man, and his intellectual prowess and manly wisdom is trampled underfoot.”

Dr. Albert S. Ferguson, J.P., is a former senior and executive-level manager at the Bahamas Electricity Corporation, the founder and director of Albania Christian Academy and an active member of the local clergy. He gained notoriety several years ago when he introduced playing the Clarinet as a solo instrument, later producing an album of easy-listening sacred music.

“Devotions for Tender-Hearted Men”, a weekly theme-based Devotions and Meditations is available from local Christian book sellers or directly from the author, telephone 242-325-4827. For more information about this and other publications by Dr. Albert S. Ferguson, please visit his website at

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