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Grandmaster Frankie Adderley speaks out

Martial arts icon Frankie Adderley has some serious concerns about certain happenings within the sport. Adderley is calling for official regulations through a proposed council and he wants the full support of the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture.

Earlier this week, Adderley, accompanied by Kyoshi Alex Penn and student Lindsley Hamilton for our meeting, expressed distaste over the”false certificates”being given out and the encroachment of a foreign element.

“I felt comfortable when I was told by a certain visitor who is involved with martial arts that he did not acknowledge the presentation of qualification made by locals, but he totally disappointed me when he said that he gave out certificates anyway and received payment.

“This is terrible and I just decided that this sort of thing has to stop if the martial arts program in this country is going to advance as it should. Those of us who have struggled in this business against great odds for acceptance and made sacrifices to be properly certified, have an obligation to keep the sport clean.

“That’s why, I am about working with a number of others who are equally concerned, to establish a council that will regulate the sport and all persons involved, be they locals or visitors. We want all credentials to be authentic. There was a case of a Bahamian going off to a tournament with his so-called certificate. He was not accepted and had to return home. He could not compete. No official tournament anywhere in the world is going to accept people who don’t have credentials that can be verified,”pointed out the veteran of 40 years and the leading local martial arts expert with 10 degrees.

Adderley said the original

constitution of the Bahamas Martial Arts Federation(BMAF)is what should guide and control the sport.

“This is it,”he said, holding the document.”This is what our late esteemed colleague Kermit Ford subscribed to. This is what our dear departed American mentor Moses Powell endorsed and helped us use to move the sport to levels never attained before. We are in the process of getting a council together. We must eliminate the negative aspects within the sport before we are all consumed,”emphasized Adderley.

Fraudulent personnel have always been a collective problem for the local program. Often, would-be experts have simply traveled into Florida or other parts of the United States and paid for certificates. Adderley tells the story of an individual who showed him two black belts. He said he had to explain that there is no such scenario. Only one black belt is ever presented to the qualified martial artist.

However, one can purchase as many as 10 black belts. There is an unsavory business out there that supports the imposters. Hopefully Adderley will achieve his objective. The member of the Cosmopolitan Florida Hall of Fame is quite serious.

I wish him well.

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