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Hit drama ‘Not My Good Child’ to hit stage this weekend

“Not My Good Child”will be staged on Saturday, Feb 19 at 8 p.m. at the National Centre for the Performing Arts.

The admission fee is$20 general and$30 VIP. This drama features several of the country’s most talented performers(veterans and new comers to the stage). It addresses the anger and violence that exists in The Bahamas.

The play gives the public a glimpse inside the mind, heart and history of seven persons accused or convicted of murder. They tell their spell-binding stories in their own words.

Hear the drug dealers, the woman tired of abuse, the angry Bahamian youth, born to Haitian parents, the”Trader”who beats homosexuals by day but deals with them by night for money and things, the smart youth who lusts for street credibility, and the vigilante fed up with failure of the system. It is candid, raw, honest and real!!

Alongside these Bahamians accused of murder you will get to see and hear a government minister, a lawyer, an accountant, and a maid argue about the root of the violence and the possible solutions.

This play continues in the tradition of Michael C. Pintard’s other productions(Still Standing; Election 2002-If you Don’t Laugh You’ll Cry; Men Talk, Women Talk and Election 2007 Count it again Man, Count it again).

Come see Judith Dawkins, Dawn Rolle, Mark Gardiner, Remardo Russell, Luckner Timothee, Kirk Smith, Andre Cartwright, Brian Roxbury, Philcher Grant, Tameka Forbes and Olivia Dorsett.

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