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christie on baha mar

I don’t think the bhamas can’t handle two projects of this size

150 thou hotel rooms in orlandso . u an’t tell me that we as a country can’t do better than that .between between the three legs of the stool i think it will benefit the whole country. we’re creating soemthing that wi,ll really be special. bring in more airlift wit hthe new airport.

talking to ouru partners last night about having direct flights bmaybe from China.

don robinson-we’ve been very careful about slecting brands…

we have had a number of conversations with al lthe brands.

furthr casino project . goal to make sure they fit together.

how lucky bahamas to get project

going to create something that o,nly exists in dreams.

casino partner

our agreement give us plenty of time to selec tpartner. want to find someone who believes in destination and who can bring alot of people to the bhamas. already gotten emails and phone calls and beleive there’s going to be quite a fe going forward.


tom dunlap

the infrastructure jobs are hugely critical there’s kinda of tha had feeds hand operation going on here . the opering o nthe first lphase of airport is a monumental undertaken fo r the bahms and i think we’ve already shared a huge beenfit about how we’ll market adn d how well fill rooms.

last year announced the airport raod widening , impro infrasctructure.

each of these things feed off of each other.

public sector firing on all sectors.

on provatization

i am a beleiver that goverment s period should be in private beusiness . the quicker we can privatize these public infrastructure , bec btc wand sewerage the better it is . its up to the gov to pick the best p0artner but we believe that pruitization is critical for this country to grow.

foreign labour by month18-24

commenced on first 60 mil 2 weeks ago. 150 already actively working o nteh site. 9 to 12 months worth of work.

all hotels will remain open. alot of the specialized staff will remain on

obvioslu y we are concerned but we’re doing things to mitigate it.

the majority of thw work is centered by where the office of the pm is at .


as construction is mobilzed there are areas that sdo not impact .trying to protect the two existing hotels.

The Baha Mar project, which has already be billed the”largest single resort develolopment in the Caribbean”has increased by$800 million-bringing the total to$3.4 billion.

Baha Mar CEO Sarkis Izmilliaran told the media yesterday after the official ground breaking that his family added$800 million of its money to the$2.6 billion project.

that’s coming in from my family. its what we’ve put in up to now and what we’re putting in going forward.

the financing of the project in for 2.6

already had investment going into

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