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Opening of U.S. terminal at LPIA delayed

The official opening of the U.S. departures terminal at Lynden Pindling International Airport(LPIA)has been pushed back two weeks from its March 2 target date, with additional procedures needed to be carried out before it goes live. President and CEO of the Nassau Airport Development Company(NAD)Stuart Steeves said the decision to delay the”go-live”date was made after completing a trial run of the terminal. The new date is March 16.

“Our assessment of the trial results, combined with feedback from many of our partners, suggests additional training and system validation is required, particularly for the baggage system,”Steeves said in a statement obtained byGuardian Businessyesterday.”The baggage system is the most sophisticated and complex ever installed at a U.S. pre-clearance facility, allowing for baggage to be deposited at each airline counter upon check-in, with weight and photos of the baggage transmitted electronically to U.S. Customs and Border Protection.”

Steeves added that the two-week delay will have no impact on NAD’s planned activities for the latter part of the week, which includes an official grand opening banquet on February 25 and a public open house on February 26. He added that all of the stakeholders in the U.S. departures terminal will be notified in the event that they have to make any adjustments related to the original opening date.

“This delay will provide all stakeholders the opportunity to enhance their proficiency with the system, and will minimize the risk of operational challenges at opening,”he said.”The project remains on schedule as the revised go-live date of March 16 is still within the original scheduled completion date for Stage 1 of March 20.”

The U.S. departures terminal is the first phase of the$409.5 million redevelopment project of LPIA. It was estimated to cost$198 million, but up to$8 million was shaved off of its projected expenditure, NAD executives toldGuardian Businessin an earlier interview.

Phase One of the LPIA expansion involves the construction of a 247,000-square-foot U.S. departures terminal to the west of the existing building, and will also feature a new parking lot and roadway. It also includes$11.7 million in capital improvements and upgrades to the physical and sanitary infrastructure in the current terminals, a new$2 million baggage system, a new baggage carousel in international arrivals, 17 new or refurbished restrooms, the enhancement of the public address system and modifications to the parking facilities.

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