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Citizens foiled daring mid-day armed robbery

A mid-day armed robbery at Goldie’s Jewellers on Montrose Avenue was foiled by a few heroic citizens yesterday, according to police, who said two alleged thieves were stopped dead in their tracks by a shotgun-wielding maverick as they attempted to jump on a trail bike and flee the scene.

Police now have two suspects in custody: a 15-year-old boy and a 20-year-old man.

The man that saved the day, didn’t reveal his identity, except to say that he is a tenant of Goldie’s Plaza.

He said the security guard at the jewellery store ran to him after bolting from the store when the suspects pulled a handgun.

“[The guard] asked me to get my shotgun, so I just ran to get my shotgun and met the two suspects getting onto the bike,” he said.

“I put my twelve guage on both of them and they dropped their bag. After I already had one of them on the ground, then the security saw the older one motion to the younger one to take the gun from his side.”

At that point, the tenant said, the security guard sprang into action, wrestled the other alleged robber to the ground and disarmed him.

The tenant said after that, “they couldn’t do anything because I had my gun in their face.”

Officer in charge of the mobile division, Ken Strachan, said police were only one block away when they received the call and were able to apprehend the suspects moments after they were subdued.

Strachan said the two men were in possession of a nine millimeter handgun.

Strachan alleged that the pair was able to get a pillowcase full of jewellery before leaving the store.

The security officer claimed the men initially walked in and asked if the store traded cash for gold.

Police have raised concerns in recent months that criminals have traded ill-gotten gold at ‘cash for gold’ establishments.

The tenant who thwarted the robbery said a woman was robbed there in December.

“We (won’t) let that happen (any) more,” he said, insisting that he and the other tenants of the plaza won’t sit idly by while criminals prey on their livelihoods.

Strachan lauded the men for not letting the suspects get away, but said members of the public should be careful when pursuing criminals and consider their own safety above all else.

“But we thank the public for their support,” Strachan said.

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