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The Challenge of Apostasy Part 3-‘I Got Kicked out of Church’

We were ecstatic to say the least, when we joined the ministry. During our first visit, the young pastor prophesied to my wife and me about ministry and God’s calling to help his church. He especially prophesied to me about my apostolic calling which was confirmation to my wife and oldest daughter that this pastor was”for real.”

We wanted to share our marriage ministries gifts and fellowship with a new wonderful group of believers. We hadn’t been attending a main church for a while, so this was a welcomed change. The pastor was young and did seem(seem being the operative word)to have a heart to serve people. Little did we know that we would be led down a dark and dirty alley of control, manipulation and deceit.

It started almost immediately after we joined the church. Several times after I had spoken an anointed word in the church, my wife and I noticed that the pastor appeared to be jealous and offended. Over the next several months he would use opportunities during several Bible studies and ministry functions to point out flaws that he thought I had.

But the real crazy thing that he did was to hint to my wife on several occasions that he could work with her and not with me. Now that really got me mad…I mean really mad!When Kim told me that the pastor said”We want you in our church, we don’t want your husband,”it was time to fight(no, no not literally). I asked the pastor for a meeting. Of course, he declined and avoided meeting me.

I told another brother in the church about the dilemma and he invited me to a men’s meeting that the pastor would be attending. I jumped for the opportunity, hoping to talk with the pastor about my grievance. Lo and behold, it was an ambush of the fourth kind.

By the time I entered the service the congregation was already in the midst of a Bible study session. I joined in and proceeded to add my two cents to a lively group discussion. I didn’t get to say much. As soon I began to talk I heard a voice from the pulpit,”You only have five minutes left.”When I tried to elaborate some more because I was feeling the inspiration, again a voice from the pulpit,”You only have forty seconds.”Then, before I could say another word,”Time’s up for the individual discussions, every one come to the front.”

Okay, I thought to myself, that didn’t go well. The pastor sat at the front of the church and if I ever had a prophetic moment it was then. I could feel a spirit of demonic control. It was overwhelming and evil. He asked a leader from each group to give a short synopsis of what they discussed. One brother got up and began to talk, claiming he didn’t know what he really wanted to say and would be happy if”pastor”could help him. I was disgusted.

Then, another brother got up and proceeded to talk for almost half an hour about himself and his business. At the conclusion of his talk, the brother claimed that God had delivered him from drinking beer and when he was at a party recently, God told him that he didn’t need to be afraid to drink beer anymore.

At the end of this discussion, I raised my hand to offer some insight. I told the brother that God doesn’t tempt any one with evil according to scripture(James 1:13-17). There was an immediate reaction from the pastor. He was irritated that I would tell the sheep(his congregation)something that would offend them. We sparred verbally a bit and the Bible study came to a conclusion.

The purpose of these articles is not to defame the church, believers or ministers(being one myself). However, there is so much confusion among believers and Christianity today that we must rightly divide the word of God. The purpose of ministry and church is growth and development in love. It’s not about prophetic gifts, rituals, status and titles; God forbid.”But speaking the truth in love, may grow up into him in all things, which is the head, even Christ”Ephesians 4:15.

Church is where the sick are healed. Marriages and relationships are restored because the devil, who is the author of confusion, is casted out. However, the exact opposite is happening in most churches. Evil is reigning supreme. Divorce, bitterness, hatred, slander, sexual immorality, and hypocrisy have permeated most denominations. Alas, the light of love, holiness and power has almost gone out. If we don’t act now…and I mean now, the Lord will have to bring severe judgment; first in the church, and then to the sinners and the ungodly.

As the above true story illustrates, when people walk in darkness, their ultimate aim is to control and dominate one another. They have taken on the attributes and personality of satan. They don’t want to humble themselves and serve as our Lord taught us when He(the God of this universe)washed the feet of common sinful men.

Husbands, wives and children refuse to humble themselves and serve each other.

They want to control and manipulate. They want to be served. How demonic and sick. With our lies, hypocrisy and phoniness, we create havoc in relationships that lead to unforgiveness, bitterness and hatred.

God help us!I beg ministers and Christians to repent. You are the light of the world. The sinners and the ungodly don’t know what they are doing. However, we are called to bring them to Christ. They need love. In fact, at this junction in time as the love of many waxes cold, we can shine brightly as we offer the world what it is starving for: love.

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