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Christie: PLP will deal with BTC issue if it wins election

Leader of the Progressive Liberal Party(PLP)Perry Christie was both cheered and jeered as he addressed a crowd in Rawson Square yesterday that was protesting the sale of 51 percent of the Bahamas Telecommunications Company(BTC)to Cable and Wireless Communications(CWC).

People shouted aspersions and expletives at Christie as he grabbed a microphone to address the rowdy crowd. Some people even suggested loudly that his address should not be political-a clear indication that, for the most part, the crowd came to conduct a non-partisan protest.

However, Christie put his political hat on and insisted that if the PLP wins the next general election, it would seek to put BTC back in the hands of Bahamians.

“I would simply wish to encourage those of you who are Bahamians, who are a part of this committee and this movement, to continue what you are doing, bringing more and more people into a clearer understanding of why the sale or proposed sale of Cable and Wireless should not take place,”he said.

“On behalf of the PLP I have taken the position that it should not happen. If it is sold, as it appears it will be, I have indicated that upon my party winning the next general election we will cause this matter to be reexamined with a view to getting the interests of the Bahamian people clearly protected.”

Member of Parliament for Golden Gates Shane Gibson suggested in the House of Assembly during his communication that if the PLP is brought back into power, CWC will have a”rough ride”under their administration.

“Cable and Wireless, do not purchase BTC,”he said.”You will be in store for a long, rough ride. Do not purchase BTC-buyer beware.”

Gibson added that there are”one thousand”ways for a government to bring CWC back to the bargaining table and essentially convince it to leave the country.

“We taxing mobile services 15 percent,”Gibson said.”There are a thousand different ways we will deal with them Mr. Speaker, to cause them to come back to the table. We will make every effort to get all of the shares sold, back in the hands of Bahamians.”

He also added that it was”disgusting and disgraceful”for the government to enter into and agree to a deal that would impose punitive fines on itself for even a slight breach of contract.

“Who is it that the government is representing,”he said.”Would you Mr. Speaker negotiate a contract and penalize yourself$100 million for a breach of contract? And you will penalize yourself$100 million when you are saying that 51 percent of BTC is only worth$210 million.”

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