Wednesday, Jul 8, 2020


“I love what I do–I don’t consider it work. I love the interaction, I love the pace of the business and the change.”

“Right now with all of the external factors in the world and all the competition both locally and globally, innovation and creativity are the things that drive my and my team.”-competitive, desitination pt of cbn&global comm. therefer impor they are creating experiences&delivering value.

“Employees are the base of the organization, and I believe truly that the development of human capital is the key to any business and the future of our country as well as our industry.”

mba marketing

Atlantis Dubai/Jumeiera

“That was one of the periods in my career that obviously changed me and made me much more exposed. The exposure in a country like that is something you could never trade.”

Went as part of 1 month opening team&stayed for 2 years.

exposed to wking in intl tourism global arena, multilple cultures, wkng daily basis w/persons on avg 10-12 coutnries.*

“A lot of the Eastern concepts that you see on this side of the world they are trying to introduce in the hotels started in those areas.”

concept they use in rooms


leadership styles*

travel their driven by world’s 2 lgst countries(pop)China&India.

“So what happens is you have to design you products in a way that takes care of three generations of travellers. You have grandparents, parents and grandchildren all travelling the same time, so your product has to be innovative offering activities as well as dining for the entire generations.”

had to set up 5 hotels for the 5 groups

UK, Mid-east, German, Chinese, Indians … each w/unique characteristics

“We have a lot to export in terms of talent, but

“I would also suggest a second language, especially in this part of the world. Everyone should be speaking english and spanish now, because we are in the Latin American basin.”

13:09″I’m excited about the future because from what I’ve seen from some of the programs we are running in the BHA, like the junior programs we have in Primary Schools …, I’m excited about what I see coming.”


We are getting the programs now into the primary school levels so we can create awareness on teh broad base of jobs we have in the industyr. We are not just room attendants and food&beverage persons. We need scientists, we need doctors, we need engineers, we need plumbers, we need poeple who work in HR that are professionals. We need everything in this industry. So with a new view of the industry and a broader understanding of what is needed in the industry, I think we are poised for a good future.”

Grand openings

Backstage events”Loads of fun. Loads of deadlines.”We use something called critical path. Deadlines, daily meetings.

goals&evaluation of goals must be done on a daily basis.

PhD in leadership and organizational change

“One day I am going to be a lecturer, a teacher and a hospitality consultant. I think with a combination of 20 plus years in practical work experience both here as well as globally that factored with some of the educational opportunities they have as well as some of the social organizations I think gives you a lot of depth.”

If you are wise and you have trust, then you can accelerate your learning, you can accelearte your success by buying into the options being provided and utilizing the knowledge of the person.”

The Challenge of Apo
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