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Boxing conclave set for this Saturday

The Bert Perry Boxing Conclave, set for this Saturday at the Boxing Gym at the Baillou Hills Sporting Complex, is being used as a bridge to reconnect with all members in the boxing fraternity. Since this is the first conclave in as many years for the Amateur Boxing Federation of The Bahamas(ABFB), invitations were extended to former and present boxers, coaches and persons interested in becoming more knowledgeable about the sport.

“There is a dire need for the conclave,”said ABFB President Wellington Miller, who also added that putting boxing back on the right track is the main focus and priority of the federation right now. He admitted that there has been a resurgence in the sport since the different clubs, under the federation’s umbrella, started hosting weekly shows in New Providence and in Grand Bahama. Shows are also being staged in Inagua and Eleuthera.

Miller said: ”We want to put boxing back on the right track, like it was back in the dey. Boxing has grown tremendously especially since Sherman’Tank'(Williams)fought for the world title. Ever since the fight, all the gyms are full. People are now seeing that we have boxers in this country who can match-up with the big names. His fight has inspired a lot of the younger boxers. The weekly shows have also been very important and have played a part in the growth.

“We have boxing every week and it is being held all over the island, so we thought it is best now to get everyone together-get them back on one page and tell them what we expect of them and what should be done. That is what this conclave is about. We are having a lot of boxing matches that are not properly regulated so we have to regulate them, especially now that it has grown so much. We cannot afford to let it get out of hand.”

The conclave will run from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. It will be conducted by Bahamian Andre Seymour, a Grade Three coach in the International Boxing Association(AIBA). Veteran coaches and boxers like Bert Perry, Wellington’Sonny Boy’Rahming, Ray Minus Sr. and Rodney Heastie will also be in attendance.

Books and pamphlets will be handed out to all participants. Further training will also be scheduled for persons who are interested in becoming coaches.

“Some of the older boxers and coaches will be there to impart their knowledge to those who will be attending,” said Miller.”They would give some insight on where we can take boxing and how to shape the way forward for the younger boxers. We want to get more young men into the sport, so we expect young boxers and the boxing community to be there.

“We see the need for it, to bring everyone under one umbrella, so we have persons coming in from Grand Bahama, Inagua, Eleuthera and of course those right here in Nassau. This is going to be very, very beneficial, especially now. Everyone will leave there with knowledge.”

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