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Geren Albury gets picked for Omaha World Series

Bahamian Geren Albury, a product of the Freedom Farms Baseball League system, has been selected to play in the Omaha National World Series, scheduled for June 16-21.

It’s a prestigious event and Albury’s inclusion is yet another example of the growing profile of Bahamian baseball. Just last year, Freedom Farms’12-Under squad successfully got through a regional tournament in Florida to qualify for the Cal Ripken World series in Wilson County, North Carolina. The lads won the series title.

Now, Albury will be on a similar stage.

There is this company called Baseball Factory Inc. It is based in Columbia, Maryland and concentrates on player development at the high school level and college placements. Scouts from Baseball Factory are the ones who comb the United States high school system looking for the best players who perform at various”Baseball Factory UnderArmour National Tryouts.”

It is from this backdrop that young Albury who attends Christian Home&Bible School in Mt. Dora, Florida, emerged.

The Baseball Factory scouts recognized his talent.

From the age of 11, Albury has been competing significantly and was a member of several Freedom Farms’teams that traveled abroad, throughout the United States, including Puerto Rico.

After leaving Queen’s College following his freshman year, he attended Trinity Christian High in Lake Worth, Florida. At Trinity, Albury made the varsity team and he and his teammates went all the way to the State Finals. He made contact with the ball for a whopping .375 average, fourth best at Trinity.

Now 16, Albury is in his junior year at Christian Home.

“We are excited to have Geren on board for the Omaha National World Series,”said Patrick Wuebben of Baseball Factory’s Player Development Department. The Omaha World Series will be played at the Iowa Western Community College in/Council Bluffs, Iowa. Representatives of colleges and universities from around the USA will be observing the players.

The diamond standout’s father Eric”No Go”Albury and his wife Lynette are proud of the inroad being made by their son.

“Geren was recommended by the baseball coach at Christian Home&Bible School to attend the selection process at a workout(Under Armour National Tryout)in Orlando for individuals from the Central Florida area in the 16-18 age category. Geren was selected. His mom Lynette deserves a lot of credit also because she has been a big booster for him. She has put a lot of effort into his development,”said the veteran diamond mentor Eric.

The Omaha National World Series week will be quite interesting and provide great opportunities for Geren and the other players. Apart from competition in the actual series, they will get to play against the Florida State Seminoles and the Florida Gators and also view a College World Series game.

Congratulations to you Geren and best wishes!

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