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Art and Dine: take the Journey

A myriad of jewelry shops, knock-off bags, and endless inexpensive “Bahamas” T-shirts that all start to blend together are what the average Bahamian perceives as downtown Nassau’s identity in 2011. What most may not realize is Bay Street is really comprised of a sea of low cost, non-indigenous and in some cases illegal items. What’s worse is this artificially constructed identity greatly overshadows the culturally active and resurging art scene that’s reclaiming downtown more aggressively than a category 5 hurricane. The good news is we can teach you to recognize and appreciate this cultural revolution–all you need to do is open your eyes and see downtown Nassau in a vibrant new light.

Take the Journey On Saturday, February 26th at 10:00 a.m., Downtown Art Tours will be executing their second ART&DINE event that guides participants on a walking journey through the history and future of downtown Nassau’s beautifully evolving art scene, including a delicious meal at Van Breugels Bistro and Bar.

Led by the knowledgeable Jon Murray, the journey begins at the National Art Gallery of The Bahamas(NAGB)where participants will take a walk through their carbon footprints as we pass through the Fifth National Exhibition:”The Carbon Footprint”, showcasing 24 contemporary works by some of The Bahamas’top artists. Before leaving, participants will have the chance to visit the work of one of the greatest Bahamian artists of the 20th century, the late Amos Ferguson, in the exhibit”Artists of The Bahamas: Paint by Mr. Amos Ferguson”.

On departing the NAGB, participants will stroll down to the D’Aguilar Art Foundation, a recently restored historical building that houses the famous D’Aguilar collection–one of the largest collections of Bahamian art in existence–which is currently displaying,”A Great Eye: A Love Story between the Collector and his Acquisitions”, curated by Jackson Burnside III.

Now armed with some knowledge of Bahamian art, participants will begin the leisurely voyage to the streets of downtown Nassau, where they will meander through historical buildings and sites to discover and discuss several of the new murals and sculptures from the Love my Bahamas Downtown Art Experience.

Along the excursion, participants will also visit New Providence Art and Antiques, a quaint commercial space exhibiting artists of the highest caliber such as Lillian Blades, John Cox, Kendal Hanna and Wellington Bridgewater, as well as more historically”unknown”or”forgotten”artists that participants will be pleasantly surprised to discover.

The journey concludes with a delicious lunch and beverage from a specialty menu designed specifically for the experience at Van Breugels Bistro and Bar.

Join us this Saturday to re-visit what you thought about downtown and learn about what you’ve been missing!

The experience includes all of the above and is$40 per person,$75 for couples, or$35 per person for groups of 4 or more. Check-in takes place at the NAGB on West&West Hill Streets at 9:45am and the journey begins promptly at 10:00am. Space is very limited, so RSVP highly recommended.

To RSVP or to find out more please contact Jon Murray at [email protected], 242.676.6938 or 242.431.8964. Or visit our page on Facebook at Downtown Art Tours or on [email protected]

About Downtown Art Tours:

Downtown Art Tours(DAT)captures the evolving, energetic movement in Bahamian art by providing intimate, educational and interactive guided experiences focused on artworks and spaces in Nassau including museums, galleries and public art. We provide a wide spectrum of different experiences; from 90-minute walking tours in Nassau’s downtown to extensive island-wide bused tours, all of which allow you to encounter the best from the local art scene.

For more information contact Jon Murray at [email protected] or 242.676.6938 or 242.431.8964

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