Saturday, Jul 4, 2020


Itc ame in abou$7 mill under budget. so the budget was$198 mill, we came in at$191 m.. so thats well under budget and we;re quite happy about that. HOW DID WE Aicve that. thru comeptive privcing, tight managment of the sub contractors , but a lto fotat i sdetermined befre u even start cmstuction. its determined in how you design the facility. if the desgnis comeplte. how we tender it . if its well organized adn pp undertsand exactly what it is they need to do. and that we cometetivel tender it and that we seek value engineering, so we seek ways to reduce the price thru ssb that dont comeptmise the stadna .. smart consrtuciton that what we did and that how we got under bdget


Its goes go towards it. it a savigns that we take…our financing is completely independent for stage 2 and then again for stagen 3. but it lessons the financial burden on the airport and therefor the rates we need to charge for the future…so its a benefit for the long erm.


CAbinet approved stage 2 and 3. measn we’re good to go. we;ve done all tthe tendering, the succesufl contractors have been identified all we need to do is frmally advise them. so as soon as we opent his terminal to the public, which is planned now for March 16. the next day . the curent uS departures term wil be vacant and we;kk start cnostruciton.

2-week delay.

A wekk ors o ago we did tiarl. we had 500 volunteers who came ina dn pretended to be passengers.. we did that to test our readiness so we eavlaute how everybody is ready and thats including the airlines, the US customs and border proptection, the airport authority for security . we just see how everybody is doing..and out of that process, we evaluated that we just needed a bit more time tod od traing so we woeuld be ready to go. we dont want o opena dn have a risk that we might not succeed so we want to take the extra two weeks, buy the insurance , make sure everybody know s exactly what they’re doing so we can have a successful opening.

INcrease in staff?

In some areas. but overall there is opp for same number of staff. its a bigger facility, but its more effeicent in its design in many ways that allows for staff to d dofferent thigns than they might be doing today, we we’ll have less pp for eg doing meaintenance…we’ll do preventative mainteance. we wont do reactive maintaenance, where we’re chasing down roof lask, so it allows our people to serve the customer more proactively.


Al or shops are owned by Bahamians.


The current facility is capcity constrained. so even if mkt demanded more growth , our facility couldnt accomodate it. here we could accommdate it. here as the mkt growns, you know Atlantis expands. Baha Mar comes to life, we cna caccomodate ti. so we will gro , weheras that wasn’t a reality before. Here is


Its hard to say specific percent stil in slow spt from recession we’ve been thru. BUt there is no question, with the Baha Mar project on deck , we;re goignt o see terrfic growth in the future and this airport will be a catclys to make that happen.


we just jad copa ..anoucne new services from Panama City. th ePresident, CEO of Jetblue here 2nite….pp on vacation they way .



fees when u hre NAd syas not talking about domestic airlien.. intl.. no benchmark fr intl… we’re the only pp doing that…not only are we payign naD thes fees. we;re also aygn vicivila.

The faiclity charge th, the terminal charge. per seats.. whetehr u have pi n setas r not.. also faiclity carge for the pass.whwther it$5buck.. terminal fees and all tfees go tards…..thats US deptaune…shoudl there be any relie..$11.7 m earnign in returns for 2009..aeronatuical fees supposed otbe on cost recvoery basis…



didint even look at sex of emplyees, just read albio.. if they had been all men, wouldn’t have been.

I dont even know how many woman there are.. jst looked at expereince.. its a moot point.. their tender offer is over.. dont wish to invovle in

the hostilty invovled in hositla takeo should now disspiate.. n ohard feelingds.. he made good effor. MAi have no hard feeling.. i dont tke this perosnally. these jhe tried his best to convince hearts and soul of AMl and he idi that by tryign to convien he had better managemtn team.. he took uot full page ads and hsoee job i hostielt akeover is that we have better managemetn team.. the whole nature of hossital etakeover.

i dont think there is any need for addl hostitlity. quite happy Mr. Finalson took it perosnally.. jst nature of game we play.

we’re not your comeptiton. its SUper Vlaue. for the six month ended ec 15 2021 hty elost$6m..thast hell of hoel to dig yourself out of..yes$12 m go to$8

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