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Finlayson: It’s not personal

Mark Finlayson, President of Trans-Island Traders and Associated Bahamian Distillers and Brewers Limited(ABDAB), spoke withGuardian Businessduring the weekend and sought to clarify that he had no personal issues with AML Chairman Dionisio D’Aguilar. His words appear below.

“This is very important to me. I’ve been around town and a number of people have approached me and said, boy there must be something personal between you and D’Aguilar. Well the truth of the matter is there is nothing personal between D’Aguilar and myself.

“I have known Mrs. Marina D’Aguilar[his mother]and his uncle Mr. Adrian D’Aguilar since I was in my teens, and I have always had the highest respect and regard for them. I met his father, the late Vincent D’Aguilar, when I first came back from school. I was in my mid-twenties and there was never a time that I met up with Mr. D’Aguilar and he didn’t have a good word, an encouraging word for me. I think he was just that way with all young business people. So it would be wrong for me not to clarify this issue.

“This is really a business issue. I know Dionisio business-wise. I don’t really know him the way I knew his father or know his mother and uncle, but he is from a very strong family and my point is this–If he has their blood running through him he has to be a decent fellow.

“I don’t try to belittle him in any way. He has accomplished what he has accomplished and it’s there for the record. Most people in town know. But he has a very strong opinion on what would bring value to the AML shareholder, and I have a very strong opinion of what will bring value to the AML shareholder. That’s where we differ. I respect his view and I’m sure he respects mine but the point is they are different. He has to defend his view the way he does, especially being chairman of the company, and I have to defend my view the way I do being president of Trans-Island Traders.”

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