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Bishop Fraser observes 16th pastoral anniversary

Bishop Earl Randolph Fraser may be going through one of the greatest trials in his life–but he’s still celebrating.

And his congregants are celebrating too, in the midst of a sexual misconduct trial involving their pastor.

Hundreds, including Fraser’s defense lawyer Jairam Mangra and his family, gathered at Fraser’s Pilgrim Baptist Temple, St. James Road, on Sunday to observe his 16th pastoral anniversary.

The 53-year-old bishop is on trial for alleged sexual misconduct with a former member of his church.

The 16-year-old girl’s family filed a criminal complaint against Fraser after they barged into the church in April 2006 during a Palm Sunday service and alleged that he had an affair with her. In court, Fraser has dismissed the allegations as lies.

Prophet Remington Rolle, the guest preacher, referred to Fraser’s tribulations as”God orchestrated confusion”during an animated sermon.

Rolle commended the faithful, who remained with the church despite the allegations leveled against its leader. Fraser’s accuser has alleged they had sex in the church office before sermons and Bible study.

Fraser said,”Don’t watch where I am, but just watch whose I am. It does not matter who walked away because God is making room for some new supporters. When you’re anointed by God, nothing could hold you.”

Flanked by his wife Jacqueline, whom he called the love of his life, and their two daughters, an emotional Fraser thanked the church and his family for their support.

He acknowledged that the trial took a toll on his family.

Fraser said,”When they were coming after me, they also hurt my children. Children have feelings. They are not robots. Everyone knows how much I love my children and I will go to the ends of the earth for them.”

During a tribute to Fraser, Brother Kevin Gardiner compared him to Job, a faithful servant whom God allowed to suffer.

Fraser’s Job-like faith was evident when he told the congregation,”We’re moving from the cave into praise.”

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