Monday, Jul 13, 2020
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City Market CEO calls AML chairman’s comments’an attack’

City Market’s new chief executive officer Benita Rahming has called comments by AML Chairman Dionisio D’Aguilar”an attack”on its(City Market’s)mostly female executive team–comments D’Aguilar insists would be the same even if the team was all male.

“I read with some degree of amusement and disappointment remarks made,”she said in a release sent to Guardian Business yesterday.”Mr. D’Aguilar’s characterization of our mostly female executive team as’neophytes’marks a blatant disregard for the combined professional experience of this female management team and the ability of women in these respective roles.

“I caution Mr. D’Aguilar to remember that women are the chief financial officers in most households and they are the gender that does most of the shopping. We are proud of our executive team-in particular because they are women, they are mothers and they are the primary shoppers.”

Speaking with Guardian Business yesterday, D’Aguilar said the sex of the employees was not where his arrow was targeted, but rather their biographies and experience. He added that now that the takeover bid was over, he was hoping things will get back to normal.

“I don’t even know how many women there are, I just looked at their experience,”D’Aguilar added.”It’s a moot point.

“The hostility involved in a hostile takeover should now dissipate. We have no hard feelings, I don’t take this personally. They made a good effort and tried their best to convince and win the hearts and soul of AML. My job in a hostile takeover is that we have a better management team. It’s the whole nature of a hostile takeover.”

In her release, Rahming noted his classification that the new executive team has”no food retail experience, having mostly come from luxury goods.”She asserts the combined professional experience of our team is extremely sound and one that is already yielding successes for the company.

“The AML chairman’s resistance to connecting the dots between’retail and luxury’may be something he comes to regret, as our focus at City Market is to afford our thousands of customers nothing but the best,”she said.”Mr. D’Aguilar must appreciate the fact that numbers don’t lie, and if he compares the sales figures of BSL/City Market and AML during the period November 2010 thru January 31st, he would find that sales at AML declined, while sales at City Market grew and continues to grow.”

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