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FNM criticizes PLP on stalled projects

The Free National Movement(FNM)in a statement released yesterday lambasted the Progressive Liberal Party(PLP), claiming that the party has an abysmal record of infrastructural development and calling its stalled ideas during its time in office mere”hallucinations.”

The FNM charged that the PLP in its five years as the government, under the leadership of Perry Christie, borrowed one billion dollars during good economic times and had”little to show”for it.

The premise of the statement piggybacked on a quote from former head of AOL Steve Case, used by FNM senator and Minister of Tourism and Aviation Vincent Vanderpool-Wallace during Baha Mar’s ground-breaking ceremony.

That quote said:”Vision without the capacity to execute that vision is not vision, it’s hallucination.”

The FNM statement suggested that the PLP cannot congratulate itself for being the architects of some of The Bahamas’major developments, when those developments never came to fruition under its administration.

“The FNM usually has to start, improve and fix projects the opposition can’t move from dream to reality, from talk to action,”the FNM said.

“Hallucinations constantly cloud the mind of the leader of the opposition. Most things stay in Perry Christie’s indecisive mind because he can’t make up his mind or follow through on promises.”

This is the second time in a little more than a week that the FNM has released a statement admonishing the PLP for not executing projects that, in some cases have been executed under the current administration.

The first statement came following the ground-breaking ceremony for the Baha Mar project. This latest statement follows the opening of the new U.S. departures terminal at the Lynden Pindling International Airport.

“When it came to a new airport for New Providence, Mr. Christie was pleased with himself in renaming it at a grand ceremony,”the statement said.”But despite the new name there was no new airport, just another dream the PLP could not bring to reality.”

The statement also cited the new national stadium, which is a gift from China to the people of The Bahamas, as one of the projects the PLP stalled on.

“Meanwhile, Mr. Christie and his bumbling Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture Neville Wisdom of’Bleacher-Gate’fame, were so incompetent that they couldn’t make a gift from the Chinese government a reality,”the FNM statement said.

“Of course, this has not stopped Perry Gladstone Christie from hallucinating that the new Thomas A. Robinson Stadium was his idea and that he is primarily responsible for its construction.”

The FNM took the PLP to task for a number of promised improvement and anchor projects that never came to fruition during their term as government of The Bahamas, such as the new Straw Market and the Arawak Cay container port, as well as the privatization of the Bahamas Telecommunications Company(BTC).

“The opposition talks about vision but never misses an opportunity to miss an opportunity,”the statement said.

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