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Man killed by group of masked men

The mother of the country’s latest murder victim, the 17th for the year so far, was less than five feet away from her son when he was shot in the head with a shotgun inside his Domingo Heights apartment around 10:30 Saturday night.

Gabrielle Pierre, who is the stepfather of the 27-year-old victim, Chrisothome Charles, said his stepson was returning home from selling phone cards at the corner of Domingo Heights, off of East Street when three men in masks carrying guns emerged from bushes near the apartment.

Pierre said the three men chased Charles and his 15-year-old brother into the apartment. As Charles attempted to close and lock the door the men barged in, followed him into the hallway of the apartment and shot him in the head.

Police reports said the murder was an attempted robbery, but Pierre said the men did not attempt to take anything from Charles or from the apartment.

“They ain’t look to rob,”he said.

“If they were looking to rob they could have had everyone lying around here and take what they need, but they just shot him and walked off.”

Yesterday afternoon friends and relatives of Charles stood around a huge pool of blood in the apartment going over what had happened the night before. As more people came to the apartment, Pierre retrieved towels to place over the blood.

Charles’mother was in another apartment in the area asleep on a bed made for her on the floor. Relatives said she was too upset to speak.

She and a second woman were cleaning fish and conversing on Saturday night when Charles ran into the apartment pursued by the three masked gunmen.

“She was right in the kitchen cleaning fish and the other lady who came to talk to her was right here,”said Pierre.

He added that he is grateful more people did not get hurt in the incident, including his wife, her friend and Charles’little brother.

He was concerned that if Charles had managed to close and lock the front door of the apartment, the men would have shot at him through the window.

“If they had shot through the window that’s more people dead,”he said.

When police arrived at the apartment Saturday night they found Charles face down in a pool of blood.

Their reports stated that he was wearing a yellow T-shirt and a short jeans pants at the time of his death.

Police say their investigations into the matter are continuing.

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