Tuesday, Jun 2, 2020
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Weekend shootings, robberies and stabbings

Police had a busy weekend investigating several shootings, robberies, stabbings and even some obscure happenings.

Police in Hatchet Bay, Eleuthera were called to the scene of an electrocution on Saturday morning, where a 71-year-old man digging a hole in his yard struck an underground cable and died. Police said their investigations into the matter are continuing.

Police also reported that around 1:40 on Saturday afternoon two tourists received minor burns to their body after the jet ski they were attempting to start at Goodman’s Bay backfired. The tourists, both of whom are residents of Florida, were taken to hospital by emergency medical service personnel. Their conditions are unknown, but police are continuing their investigations into the matter.

Police also reported two shootings this weekend.

The first occurred on Friday around 10:00 a.m. at Moore Avenue, off Wulff Road, police said.

Their information revealed that a 17-year-old man was behind his home when he heard gunshots and realized that he was shot in the neck and hand. He was taken in a private vehicle to hospital, where he is listed in stable condition.

And on Saturday around 2:20 in the afternoon police received calls about gunshots being fired in the area of Baillou Hill Road and Marshall Road.

When officers responded they received information that two men were driving on Baillou Hill Road South in the vicinity of the Half Moon Club, when gunshots were fired at their vehicle.

Both men received gunshot wounds, but were able to drive themselves to the hospital, where only one of them was treated and discharged. Police said the other individual remains in hospital in stable condition.

Police are investigating both shooting incidences.

There were also two stabbing incidences reported to police this past weekend.

On Friday police received information that an 18-year-old man was at Homestead Street around 6:40 in the evening, when he was attacked by three men who stabbed him in the back. He was taken to hospital in a private vehicle, treated and discharged.

In the second stabbing incident, police received information that a man was at Palm Beach Street when he was approached by a man who demanded cash.

When he told the man that he had no cash he was stabbed in the back, police said.

The man was taken to the hospital by emergency medical services personnel where he is listed in serious condition.

Police are continuing their investigations into both stabbing incidences.

In addition police reported two armed robberies on Saturday. The first occurred at 1:35 a.m. at Robinson Road and Market Street.

Police said a woman was in her Hummer sports utility vehicle(SUV)when two men approached her brandishing handguns and stole the SUV. The women escaped unharmed.

In the second incident reported by police, a man armed with a handgun entered Pay Assist on East Street and Toote Shop Corner and demanded cash. He was able to rob the store of an undetermined amount of cash, police said. They are continuing their investigations into these matters.

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