Tuesday, Jun 2, 2020
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What to do with ZNS?

On its website thenassauguardian.com, this newspaper asked the quesiton,"Do you think ZNS should receive more money from the government?" The answer from website readers was a convincing no. This unscientific poll reveals that 2,965 viewers out of 5,313 who voted online do not think that

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"I love what I do--I don't consider it work. I love the interaction, I love the pace of the business and the change." "Right now with all of the external factors in the world and all the competition both locally and globally, innovation and creativity are

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BEWU presidential candidate wins appeal

Presidential candidate in the Bahamas Electrical Workers Union(BEWU)January poll, Clyde Cartwright, has secured a major victory in his appeal to have the union's election results stand. Labour Minister Dion Foulkes disclosed yesterday that he had overturned the decision by Trade Unions Registrar, Harcourt Brown, to declare the

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