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Better times are ahead!

My Friend, let me commence here today as I so often do, by asking you a very important question. Now, here goes with the question. Are you an optimist or a pessimist? Well My Friend, what’s your honest answer to that oh so important question?Unfortunately, I find that so many people who are spread throughout this great big world of ours, tend to be quite optimistic when everything is going according to plan, and they are thus experiencing some’Good Times’. However, when things start to go rapidly downhill, when things get really tough; then they tend to become extremely pessimistic about the prospects to ultimately succeed. But My Friend, as I have written about on numerous occasions in the past, as I endeavor to get my readers to realize the vital importance of thinking positively, or being an optimist at all times; the world, your life and my life is ultimately governed by Universal Law.

Now, one of these most important Universal Laws is The Law of Attraction. This Divine Law simply states that”We ATTRACT toward us people, circumstances, and events in accordance with our THINKING”. So, it stands to reason, that we MUST at all times be most optimistic, and thus think in a totally positive fashion; that is of course, if we truly wish to ATTRACT positive people, circumstances and events into our everyday life. But how do I do this when the world economy is in such bad shape, many negative, pessimistic people may protest?The answer is, by fully believing the sentiments expressed in today’s title’Better times are ahead!’….yes indeed they are!

Let me once again remind all of my valued readers that The Universe in which we all exist today is cyclical in nature, there are the highs and the lows, the ‘Good Times’ and the’Not so Good Times ‘there are the ‘Up Cycles’ and the ‘Down Cycles’. So, even though economically speaking, the world may be in a ‘Down Cycle’ right now; the’Up Cycle’is already on its way, it’s inevitable, for that’s simply the way The Universe works, it’s cyclical in nature. Yes indeed, there’s absolutely no doubt whatsoever, that’Better times are ahead’….Yes they are!

So, please get this concept deeply etched in your consciousness once again, and thus start to be totally optimistic about the future of your life, and indeed the life of the planet, and all will be well with you and your life….I guarantee it!Don’t ever allow yourself to remain in a negative, a pessimistic frame of mind for very long; because as Earl Nightingale so eloquently put it in his Gold Record ‘The Strangest Secret’….”We become what we THINK about”



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