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Man gets five years for assaulting girl

A defense lawyer yesterday asked a judge to order community service for a man convicted of assault with the intent to rape.

However, Supreme Court Justice Roy Jones was unmoved by Lessiah Rolle’s submissions.

Jones told his client Kennedy Ingraham,”I am going to have to send you to prison.”

A jury convicted Ingraham of the assault on February 25. According to the prosecution’s case, Ingraham forced a 17-year-old schoolgirl into his car as she walked along Carmichael Road.

Before imposing a sentence of five years hard labor, Jones told Ingraham the jury found that he clearly intended do serious harm to the complaintant.

Ingraham, the jury found, stopped the car and started fondling the girl, who attempted to fight off the attack.

According to the evidence, Ingraham choked the girl before she escaped.

The girl recorded Ingraham’s license plate number, described the vehicle and selected Ingraham during a police identification parade, the court heard.

Ingraham had no previous convictions and spent two years in custody before he was released on bail in May 2010.

Jones said he considered those factors, and Ingraham’s previously clean criminal record, before passing sentence.

Ingraham is the father of a six-year-old daughter and his girlfriend is pregnant with a second child, according to his lawyer.

Sandradee Gardiner appeared for the Crown.

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