Tuesday, Feb 25, 2020
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Pre-qualification process begins for inlandcontainer terminal

APD Limited has started the process of pre-qualifying contractors for its inland container terminal on Gladstone Road, a key component of the$65 million Arawak Cay Port Development project.

Only Bahamian-registered firms will be considered for this project. Contractors will be vying for the opportunity to build a 110,000-square-foot warehouse facility that will be approximately 15 acres.

The prequalification documents will be available on ftp://dhpftp.aotbahamas.com. Interested firms will have to fill out an eight-page questionnaire outlining their business’background, financial status, business probity and service delivery and technical capacity, among other areas.

The questionnaire must be completed and returned by March 4 and the selected firms will be awarded with requests for proposals on March 7. Companies that previously submitted documents are prompted to review the documents to ensure they are on par with the listing on the web site.

The memorandum of understanding(MOU)for the Arawak Cay Port project was tabled in the House of Assembly last month, which outlined the scope of the$65 million development. A statement in the 38-page document said international firms that either complement or provide services that aren’t available in the country will be used for the project, and in order to meet the deadline non-Bahamians may have to be employed for the development. That portion of the MOU may apply to the construction of the Arawak Cay Port, given that only locally-registered firms are allowed to bid for the inland warehouse portion.

The$65 million project, which is expected to be completed by June 27, is 40-percent owned by the government and 40-percent owned by 20 private sector shareholders, with the remaining 20 percent available for public offering. APD Limited has leased the port for 45 years and has a 20-year exclusivity period, prohibiting any other port to be created within 20 miles of New Providence.

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